Nevada County Exhibitor Form

Nevada County Fairgrounds ‐ Exhibitor Code of Practice and Contact Form 

I will follow the competition rules and will not use abusive, questionable, or unethical methods in the  feeding, caring, fitting, and showing of my animal(s).  I agree to comply with proper withdrawal time for all antibiotics, dewormers, and other  pharmaceuticals. I agree that if I am showing a market lamb or market goat that no added hormone  treatments will be used on my market animal. I understand that I will be asked to honestly complete and  submit a drug residue agreement form before I can exhibit my animal at the Fair.   I believe my participation should demonstrate and represent my own ability, knowledge, and skill as a  feeder and fitter of my animal(s). I understand the need to be responsible for developing the skills  necessary to take my animal from the farm to the show ring. I will assist other youth exhibitors, if asked,  or request assistance only from other youth exhibitors eligible for the Junior show. I understand that no  adult may assist in the washing, grooming, fitting, and showing of my animal(s).  I agree to comply with the rules and regulations found in the 2019 Nevada County Fair Competition  Handbook. I will not participate in any rule breaking nor request that exceptions to the rules be made on  my behalf.  I realize that I am responsible for the proper care and humane treatment of my animal(s), the  production of wholesome food if my exhibit animals is destined for market, and the development of  sound moral character in myself.  I understand and agree that when I, my parents, my supervisor or leader, or any other adult or youth  connected with my project or animal(s) breaks the rules, I agree to abide by the final decision of the  Livestock Superintendent, Fair Management, and/or the Fair Board regarding disqualification of myself  and of my animal, loss of premium awards, loss of future eligibility, loss of ability to sell in the Junior  Livestock Auction or Small Animal Silent Auction, and forfeiture of any award(s).  I certify that I have not sold nor do I intend to sell a market animal at any other California Fair this year.  I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Fair, the County, and the State of California from and  against any liability, claim loss or expense (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of any injury  or damage, which is caused by, arises from, or is in any way connected with participation in the program  or event, excepting only that caused by the sole active negligence of the Fair. The Fair Management shall  not be responsible for accidents or losses that may occur to any of the exhibitors or exhibits at the Fair.  The exhibitor (or parent or guardian of a minor) is responsible for any injury or damage resulting from  the exhibitor's participation in the program or event. This includes any injury to others or to the  exhibitor or to the exhibitor's property.  Exhibitor Signature - Please type your name for digital signature

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