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MY PERFECT DAY An Early Wake-Up Call, Steaks, and Motorcycle Rides With Andrea

F ebruary 2020 is a special month. This year, we’ve been gifted a whole extra day with leap day! Occurring about every four years, a leap day is kind of rare and fun to celebrate. But I was recently asked, “What would your perfect day look like?” It’s only fitting that during this month with an extra day I answer this question here! My perfect day would start when I wake up early after a good night’s sleep. I get up every day around 4:30 a.m., and I like getting up at that time. It’s a quiet and peaceful time of the day. Plus, I’m a big believer in the concept of early rising. If you sleep too late, you waste the day! So believe it or not, my perfect day would begin at 4:30 a.m. After getting up, I’d work out. This is something I try to do every day, but life and work tend to get in the way. If I had that perfect day set out for me, I’d make time to exercise and start my day off stronger. Then, I’d strengthen my mind with a great leadership or business book. I like to stay sharp and prepared for what’s coming, and I enjoy the improvement opportunities these books provide. Finally, I’d get some food! I don’t have any grand breakfast or anything I particularly enjoy best, but I do have scrambled eggs every morning. My most important meal of the day on my perfect day would have to start with this hearty, filling breakfast. Ideally, Andrea and I would have woken up someplace warm, like Arizona or the Hudson Valley during the summer. I say this because then we could hop on the motorcycle and go for a nice long ride along the canyons or around the curving roads near our home. My perfect day has to include spending time with Andrea and my favorite hobby, motorcycle riding. Luckily, I often combine the two, and it’s always an enjoyable ride no matter where we are.

Lastly, we’d end the day by enjoying a steak or Italian dinner at a restaurant and watching a new Marvel movie. We’d want to end the day with some action and adventure but from the comfort of our own seats at a movie theater. After a day like that, I can’t imagine I’d have any trouble falling asleep that night, but looking back on what my perfect day looks like, it’s pretty comparable to my regular day. I frequently get up early, dive into a good book, and enjoy a scrambled-egg breakfast. Andrea and I often spend our free time during the warm months cruising around local haunts on our motorcycle. We enjoy seeing the latest superhero movie or indulging in a hearty dinner together. My perfect day would just combine all of our favorites into one fun yet relaxing day. I guess that’s the beauty of life. If you plan it out, work hard, and don’t just let the day pass you by or allow the detours to throw you off course, then every day can be a perfect day — or as near to perfect as it can be. What will you do with your leap day? "If you plan it out, work hard, and don’t just let the day pass you by or allow the detours to throw you off course, then every day can be a perfect day ..."

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