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MY PERFECT DAY An Early Wake-Up Call, Steaks, and Motorcycle Rides With Andrea

F ebruary 2020 is a special month. This year, we’ve been gifted a whole extra day with leap day! Occurring about every four years, a leap day is kind of rare and fun to celebrate. But I was recently asked, “What would your perfect day look like?” It’s only fitting that during this month with an extra day I answer this question here! My perfect day would start when I wake up early after a good night’s sleep. I get up every day around 4:30 a.m., and I like getting up at that time. It’s a quiet and peaceful time of the day. Plus, I’m a big believer in the concept of early rising. If you sleep too late, you waste the day! So believe it or not, my perfect day would begin at 4:30 a.m. After getting up, I’d work out. This is something I try to do every day, but life and work tend to get in the way. If I had that perfect day set out for me, I’d make time to exercise and start my day off stronger. Then, I’d strengthen my mind with a great leadership or business book. I like to stay sharp and prepared for what’s coming, and I enjoy the improvement opportunities these books provide. Finally, I’d get some food! I don’t have any grand breakfast or anything I particularly enjoy best, but I do have scrambled eggs every morning. My most important meal of the day on my perfect day would have to start with this hearty, filling breakfast. Ideally, Andrea and I would have woken up someplace warm, like Arizona or the Hudson Valley during the summer. I say this because then we could hop on the motorcycle and go for a nice long ride along the canyons or around the curving roads near our home. My perfect day has to include spending time with Andrea and my favorite hobby, motorcycle riding. Luckily, I often combine the two, and it’s always an enjoyable ride no matter where we are.

Lastly, we’d end the day by enjoying a steak or Italian dinner at a restaurant and watching a new Marvel movie. We’d want to end the day with some action and adventure but from the comfort of our own seats at a movie theater. After a day like that, I can’t imagine I’d have any trouble falling asleep that night, but looking back on what my perfect day looks like, it’s pretty comparable to my regular day. I frequently get up early, dive into a good book, and enjoy a scrambled-egg breakfast. Andrea and I often spend our free time during the warm months cruising around local haunts on our motorcycle. We enjoy seeing the latest superhero movie or indulging in a hearty dinner together. My perfect day would just combine all of our favorites into one fun yet relaxing day. I guess that’s the beauty of life. If you plan it out, work hard, and don’t just let the day pass you by or allow the detours to throw you off course, then every day can be a perfect day — or as near to perfect as it can be. What will you do with your leap day? "If you plan it out, work hard, and don’t just let the day pass you by or allow the detours to throw you off course, then every day can be a perfect day ..."

Jim Serra

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The Moon Isn’t Made of Cheese?

The Story Behind the Myth

We’ve all heard the silly statement before: “The moon is made of cheese!” Although we may not fall for it as adults, when we were children, our eyes twinkled with possibility as we gazed up at the full moon and wondered if it really could be made of cheese. While science says no, it’s still an entertaining phrase that holds a valuable lesson for adults and children alike. The motif first appeared in folklore during the High Middle Ages as a proverb invented by a French rabbi. The full phrase is actually “The moon is made of green cheese,” and serves to warn against the dangers of credulity, or the willingness to believe in things that aren’t based on reasonable proof or knowledge. The simplest version of the phrase’s origin tells of a cunning fox that advised a starving wolf to search for food among humans. The wolf listened, and he was attacked by the humans. The wolf escaped, and in his fury, he attempted to kill the fox. To save himself, the fox promised the wolf that he’d show him the location of an abundant food supply. That night, under the light of a full moon, the fox led the wolf to a well and pointed to the reflection of the full moon on the water’s surface deep in the well, claiming it was cheese. The hungry wolf jumped into the well

to eat the cheese, forever trapping himself. Thus, the fox successfully escaped the wolf’s wrath.

As with any ancient proverb, variations of the story have developed over time, but its message has remained the

same: Don’t believe everything you’re told. In today’s world of oversaturated information and advice, this is a valuable tip to follow, no matter what age you are.



While it’s still bristly cold outside is the perfect time to schedule your HVAC system’s spring tuneup!

There are just a couple months of winter weather left, and after a few snowstorms and a big meltdown, we’ll be headed for crisp spring temperatures, green lawns, and blooming blossoms. But as you prepare to turn off the heat, open the windows, and brace yourselves for the unrelenting heat of summer, consider the work your HVAC system has done this winter.

Our technicians at Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley will give your system a detailed cleaning and perform diagnostic tests and observations to determine if there are any glaring issues with your HVAC system. This process can be vital to ensuring the longevity of your system while also saving you thousands of dollars. Technicians can catch problems before they become a larger issue or before they even occur, preventing total system failure, replacement, and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. A spring tuneup can prepare you for the upcoming seasons, too. Technicians will test and check your air conditioning unit to ensure your family’s safety and comfort when you turn on the cool air come summer. In addition, your technician can provide you with information on the health and longevity of your system moving forward. The time to realize you should have had your HVAC system checked is not when the sweat starts beading on your forehead. Our team can prepare your home or office for the brunt of summer heat and correct any diagnostic issues early. Schedule your tuneup today by calling 845-256-6158.

Your heating system is designed to regulate your home to an ideal temperature, but the long winter it spends chugging along can take its toll. Think of your HVAC system like your car. It’s usually pretty reliable,

getting you from point A to point B with little fuss, but it also needs regular maintenance. You wouldn’t expect your car to function at its peak performance without a tuneup or oil change. Don’t expect your HVAC system to do the same! 2


Understanding What’s Heating Your Home

W ith so many ways to heat and cool your home, it can be confusing to understand what each option does and what this means for your particular system. Learn more about the three most common home-heating systems to stay informed about your home’s needs! When it comes to boilers, the methodology is right in the name. These heating systems boil water using fuel. The water flows through your home to radiators or baseboard emitters, transferring the heat from the water into the air. You can prolong the life of your boiler system with regular maintenance and occasional visual monitoring. Keep the system clear of debris and check the area around the system for leaking water. An HVAC professional should regularly examine your boiler’s pipes and test your system to ensure it’s working properly, too. BOILERS

ductwork, similar to the way the pipes carry a boiler’s water. With a furnace, seemingly small vents replace a boiler’s bulky radiators or baseboard emitters and there are a few more technical components to furnaces that need regular maintenance. Your technician will check your system’s heat exchanger, burners, controls, fan switch, and more to ensure the system is doing its job. Heat pumps are not as well-known as furnaces or boilers, but they are an energy-efficient option. These systems use electricity instead of gas or oil to heat your home. Heat pumps are able to absorb heat from outdoors even when it gets very cold and efficiently transfer it throughout the home. However, heat pumps do rely on the whole system to function properly. Maintenance for these systems includes duct and blower inspections, regular cleaning, and line and pressure checks. HEAT PUMPS The technicians at Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley are experts in a variety of heating and cooling systems. Inquire about regular maintenance or upgrading your system by calling 845-256-6158. VALENTINE’S DAY DOG TREATS: CRANBERRY HEARTS


Instead of boiling water, a furnace warms the air and a blower motor moves that air through a series of


Inspired by Pretty Fluffy

To paraphrase an old saying, the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach! This Valentine’s Day, treat your dog to some pet-friendly goodies he's sure to love!


• 2 large eggs • 1 1/2 cups almond flour • 1 tbsp coconut oil

• 1/2 cup dried cranberries • 3–4 tbsp coconut flour

DIRECTIONS 1. Heat oven to 325ºF. 2. In a small bowl, beat eggs and set aside. In a separate bowl, combine almond flour, coconut oil, and cranberries. Pour in eggs and mix together with your hands until wet dough forms. 3. Mix in 1 tbsp of coconut flour at a time until dough easily forms into a ball. 4. Roll out dough on floured surface and cut with bite-size, heart-shaped cookie cutters. Transfer to cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 5. Bake for 15–18 minutes or until treats are crisp. 6. Remove from oven and let treats cool completely before serving.




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It’s Time for a Tuneup


What’s Heating Your Home? (And How You Can Maintain It)

Valentine’s Day Treats Your Dog Will Love!


Your Epic Adventure Awaits



One of the oldest stories in Western literature is Homer’s “The Odyssey.” This epic poem tells the story of Odysseus and his long journey home after the Trojan War. While Odysseus’ travels were fraught with mythical monsters and magic, many of the places he visited are said to be inspired by real islands in the Mediterranean. Even today, travelers flock to these islands looking for peace, adventure, and epic stories of their own. SICILY, ITALY One of the most popular stories in “The Odyssey” is the tale of Odysseus rescuing his crew from Polyphemus, a man-eating Cyclops. It’s said that Polyphemus made his home on what is now modern-day Sicily. Fortunately, there are no Cyclopes in Sicily today; there are only cultural festivals, world-class golf courses, and delicious food. GOZO, MALTA While Odysseus’ journey was perilous, he did enjoy one peaceful stop. Odysseus spent seven years on the mythical island of Ogygia, home

of the nymph Calypso. Historians suspect that Ogygia was Gaudos, now modern-day Gozo, Malta. Gozo is home to the Ggantija temples, which are older than the Egyptian pyramids. In addition to exploring its archaeological marvels, Gozo’s visitors can also enjoy snorkeling, horseback riding, and other memorable adventures. ITHACA, GREECE If you want to chart your own odyssey, make your final stop Odysseus’ home, the island of Ithaca. Covered in lush greenery and quaint villages, Ithaca is a wonderful place to relax at the end of your trip. Visitors can enjoy their morning coffee by a seaside cafe before lounging on a secluded beach for the rest of the day. It’s no wonder why Odysseus fought so hard to get back to Ithaca! With dozens of other islands to explore, the Mediterranean is the perfect place to plan your own odyssey — minus the mythical monsters, of course.


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