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Milovich in 1970, and from there, Milovich was hooked. Together, they opened Winterstick. After being featured in SKI and Newsweek magazines, the duo started getting more orders for their unique product. Unfortunately, the sport didn’t take off quickly enough, and Milovich shut down the business in the 1980s. Winterstick was later resurrected by another company and is now a successful snowboarding company. National Snow Surfing Championships Champion snurfer Paul Graves organized the first known National Snow Surfing Championship in 1982. Despite its simple setup, 125 contestants showed up to participate in the contest. According to Smithsonian magazine, the event “helped put snowboarding on the map.” Jake Burton, snowboarder and founder of the popular brand that bears his name, took over the event the following year. He renamed it the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship, which now draws riders from all over the world to participate, as well as thousands of spectators and fans. Since these three momentous occasions, the snowboarding industry has boomed. Now, the sport is enjoyed by people across the world, and it’s even become an event in the Winter Olympics.

Nothing beats breaking out the board and hitting the slopes when the mountains are covered in fresh powder. Snowboarding has become a beloved outdoor winter activity, and there were a few key moments that led to its current popularity. Here are three such moments. The Invention of Snurfing Although the origin story of snowboarding is still debated today, no one can deny that Sherman Poppen was an important individual in the creation of the board. On Christmas Day in 1965, Poppen decided to bind two skis together and let his children zip down the snow-covered hill near his backyard. Thus, “snurfing” — surfing on the snow — was born! Later, Poppen tweaked the design of his invention, swapping the two skis for one board and attaching a rope in the front to smooth out steering. In less than 20 years, the snurfer became a huge hit. After Poppen licensed his invention to the Brunswick Corporation, over 750,000 units were sold. Snowboarding Company Winterstick In 1972, Dimitrije Milovich started the first snowboarding company: Winterstick. Wayne Stoveken first introduced snowboarding to

Vegas Holidays 2020, From Neighborhoods to Nativity Classics UNDER THE BRIGHT LIGHTS

Las Vegas must have more bright lights than any city on earth. As locals, we learn to tune them out, but this time of year, that can be a mistake that dampens the holiday spirit. Even Mother Nature puts on a show if you know where to look. It’s tricky this year, but favorites like Cowabunga Bay’s Christmas Town and the Speedway’s Glittering Lights are still going on, even if the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village was canceled due to COVID-19. Then there are the displays on the Strip, of course. But is the Bellagio’s holiday display really worth being elbow-to-elbow with the tourists, especially now? No! If you ask us, the real light shows of 2020 are out in the neighborhoods. A drive down Henderson or McLennan usually yields good

results, and who can forget some of the light shows we’ve seen at residential homes on Robindale in recent years? These displays are great alternatives to avoid the crowds. There’s a lot to see entirely outside of the city, too. After all, winter in Nevada is the perfect time to stargaze. You don’t have to drive to Death Valley, although the views out there are incredible. The scenic drives at Red Rock are fantastic after the sun goes down. You can bundle up with a thermos of coffee or cocoa, cruise along with the family or a date, and find a good spot to stop and look up at the stars. Bonus points for shooting stars, but planes going into Nellis don’t count!

perfect for that. Just remember to bring a partner and a flashlight, be safe, and follow all trail guidelines. Whether you want the hustle and buzz of a Vegas holiday or a quiet evening under the Milky Way, there’s something for everyone this time of year. Have a great holiday season and get out under the bright lights!

If you’d rather stargaze on foot, we’ve got a great list of hikes on Page 3 that would be




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