Mi-T-M Equipment Catalog

I ndustrial H ot W ater – A ll -E lectric – B elt D rive

HAE S eries

PATENTED HEAT EXCHANGER DESIGN Mi-T-M Corporation holds the patent for a unique dual coil heat exchanger design which allows each cartridge to heat water twice, keeping the internal heat of the cartridges constant. Heat is transferred into the aluminum casting keeping the heating element from coming into contact with water eliminating calcium and build-up on the coils.

● The HAE Series is designed to eliminate one of the industries most common problems – direct contact of water to the heating element. ● The tubing that carries the water through the heating element is made up of 316 stainless-steel. ● The alternating water flow through each heat exchanger allows for even heat distribution. ● The HAE Series heat exchanger system eliminates the water/oil bath maintenance and stagnant odor. ● The HAE Series creates a 20% higher temperature rise to competitive designs and then maintains a constant temperature.


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