Mi-T-M Equipment Catalog

R esidential /C ommercial I ndustrial P roducts

At Mi-T-M our number one goal is to make sure customers are satisfied with their purchase of Mi-T-M equipment. By far, the most important factor for customer satisfaction is making sure the right equipment is purchased for jobs they are planning to use it for. Too often we’ve heard that a residential or commercial piece of equipment was sold to a customer only to find out that it is being used on industrial jobs. Those are jobs that need more power and require equipment with a higher hours rating. As experts in the equipment industry, we know how important customer satisfaction is. Professionals and non- professionals choose Mi-T-M, not only for our high quality equipment, but because we set the standards for customer satisfaction.

RESIDENTIAL Residential equipment is built to help customers tackle jobs around their homes. Typically, this type of equipment is more compact and easier to use. It is considered light duty and is only used 2-5 hours per week. COMMERCIAL Commercial grade equipment is used on medium-sized properties like hobby farms and small commercial businesses. This equipment is generally used 5-10 hours per week on jobs that require more power than residential equipment. INDUSTRIAL Industrial equipment is found on jobsites that require heavy-duty power. This type of equipment is often used up to 30 or 40 hours per week, so it requires a much higher hours rating. Mi-T-M is well-known





for building equipment that is reliable in industrial settings.




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