Mi-T-M Equipment Catalog

D etergents , D etergent F oamer , P ump O il and S aver P ressure W asher A ccessories

AW-0018-0459 with all purpose cleaner

DETERGENTS All detergents are hard water stable to prevent spotting. They are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and will not harm plants. All Purpose Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner is the most versatile and efficient all-around cleaner. Use on vehicles, glass, stainless-steel, aluminum, painted surfaces and lawn equipment. AW-4018-0026 AW-4018-0026-C* ● 1-gallon, 4 per case AW-4018-0005 AW-4018-0005-C* ● 5-gallons AW-4018-0055 AW-4018-0055-C* ● 55-gallons Deck & House Wash Deck & House Wash removes mildew and dirt. It is recommended for decks, homes and

wooden surfaces. AW-4034-0026

AW-4034-0026-C* ● 1-gallon, 4 per case AW-4034-0005 AW-4034-0005-C* ● 5-gallons AW-4034-0055 AW-4034-0055-C* ● 55-gallons Heavy-Duty Degreaser

DETERGENT FOAMER The detergent foamer combines high pressure water mixed with detergent and air to produce thick, clinging foam used to wash cars, motorcycles, windows, driveways, roofs and siding. AW-0018-0459

● 1100 to 5000-PSI rated ● Adjustable flow control ● 2.0 to 5.3-GPM flow rate

Heavy-Duty Degreaser is great for the removal of oil and grease. It is capable of handling all of your equipment and automotive cleaning needs. Contains rust inhibitors to reduce corrosion. AW-4059-0026

● 1 ⁄ 4 -inch quick connect plug ● 37 oz. bottle capacity ● 140°F maximum operating temperature

AW-4059-0026-C* ● 1-gallon, 4 per case AW-4059-0005 AW-4059-0005-C* ● 5-gallons AW-4059-0055 AW-4059-0055-C* ● 55-gallons *Available in Canada.

PUMP OIL Specially designed for pressure washer pumps, it will keep pumps cooler than regular oil and is suitable for all climates. AW-4085-0016 ● 1-pint, 6 or 12 per case ● Convenient pour spout and resealable cap ● Contains rust and corrosion additives, anti-wear additives, foam suppressant and dispersant for system cleanliness PUMP SAVER Provides longer pump life, prevents harmful build-up of hard water mineral deposits, preserves seals and pistons and protects against freezing for safe, cold weather storage. AW-4070-0004 ● 16 oz. bottle, 4 per case ● For use with all pressure washers ● Protects pressure washer when not in use


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