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A ir S ystem S et - up

A ir C ompressor A ccessories BUILDING AN EFFICIENT AIR SYSTEM Compressed-air-powered equipment and machinery are critical elements in the productivity, efficiency and economy of today’s industry. Quality air is the essential element for effective operation of this equipment. Water and dirt can cause major problems in compressed air lines. The use of filters that remove moisture and impurities from the air help high-speed pneumatic production lines operate more efficiently. Regulators and lubricators may also be added to control and lubricate downstream equipment. A quality air system can save time, money and keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

Air Compressor

Hot air leaves compressor, water vapor cools and liquefies as it goes downstream

AT-4005-M 1 ⁄ 2 -inch NPT

Main line filter with manual drain and metal bowl removes water and debris

AT-4012-M 1 ⁄ 4 -inch NPT

Electric compressor drain automatically drains liquid from tank

AT-4006-M 3 ⁄ 8 -inch NPT

General purpose filter with polycarbonate bowl and manual drain, removes water and debris

Paint Spraying

Air Operated Tools

AT-4008-M Air tool filter removes dirt and debris

AT-4011-M 3 ⁄ 8 -inch NPT

AT-4007-M In-line desiccant, disposable filter and regulator in one compact unit

Filter/regulator with polycarbonate bowl and manual drain combines filter and regulator into one compact unit

AT-4010-M 3 ⁄ 8 -inch NPT

22-0231 Regulator reduces pressure to safe operating level for air tools

Lubricator with polycarbonate bowl injects a fine stream of oil to lubricate air tools

IMPORTANT STEPS FOR AN AIR SYSTEM SET-UP 1. Main-line filter and regulator should be installed at least 20-feet from the compressor. The air will cool down, allowing much of the water vapor to condense naturally for removal by filtration.

Use galvanized pipe

Drop a 6-inch pipe to drip leg

Goose neck all workstations

2. All line-drops (workstations) should be taken from the top of the main line. This prevents water from flowing into branch lines. 3. Galvanized pipe is recommended when building an air system. Follow illustration to the right when building a workstation drop.


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