Nilkamal Electric Stacker


Handle-castor chain assist steering system greatly reduces the labour intensity

Equippes with explosion-proof valve, against of sudden drop of forks and prevent operator from harm Over-discharge protection device greatly prolongs the battery life time

Chain connect side wheel and handle, easy for steering

Easy operating foot brake



1500 600 770 0180x50 098x82 2/2

1000 600 770 0180x50 098x82 2/2

Q(kg) C(mm) X(mm) mm

Load capacity Load centre distance Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork Tyre size, front Tyre size, rear Wheels, number front rear (x=driven wheels) Height, mast lowered Max. Lift height Height, mast extended Overall length lenght to face of forks Overall width Fork dimensions Width overall forks Aisle width for pallet 800x1200 lengthways Turning radius Lift speed, laden/unladen Lowering speed, laden/unladen Service brake Battery voltage, nominal capacity K Battery weight Battery dimensions I/w/h Service weight (with battery)

h1(mm) h1(mm) h3(mm) h4(mm) I1(mm) I2(mm) b1(mm) s/e/I(mm) b5(mm) Ast(mm) Wa(mm)

2090/2340 3000/3500 3560/4060

1740 670 800 60/170/1150 580

1678 608 800 60/170/1150 580

2347 1505

2267 1425

m/s m/s


0.15/0.12 mechanical 24/170 95 360x170x250 480x550

0.15/0.12 mechanical 12/120 45 360x170x250 445x495

V/h kg mm kg

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