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“Writing for Think Realty is a joy because it is an opportunity to serve others, even though it is hard work and requires deep critical thinking and objectivity. The Realty Matters column is my opportunity to analyze issues related to the real estate industry, particularly the inde- pendent investor and rental segment of the market. As a landlord and then later with my property management business, I had experienced a system that was antiquated on the tech- nology curve. In 2016, I liquidated my real estate assets and set out to create a technology company to solve these issues. While the solutions themselves to the problems were manageable, I had underestimated

the difficulty to gain traction and the challenges for implementation. I was already aware of the astonishing variation of laws from one juris- diction to the next. What I had not realized was how broken the system was, and when I learned of new legislation that was going to make it worse, I raised my hand to help. On legislative matters, I was flabbergasted to realize legislators often view anecdotal stories of renter hardship as fact among all housing providers; yet, they were unwilling to listen to facts, often extracted from studies by the very same govern- ment entities. As my relationship with Think Realty grew, a theme emerged

In 2020, Think Realty contrib- utor, real estate investor, and industry advocate Brian Wojcik started a recurring column called Realty Matters. We are fortunate to share his breadth of knowledge and his passion for improving the real estate industry on the legislative level with Think Realty readers. Here is what he had to say about why he enjoys writing and advocating for real estate investors and his latest efforts in shifting percep- tion to gain more awareness for the REI community.

10 | think realty magazine :: november 2020

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