We are building an incredible team and we have big dreams, not just for ourselves and our team, but for our clients and our community as well. –Nathan Brooks

L isten to Nathan Brooks tell his story and you may feel a bit like you’re on a rocket ship watching a blur of lives pass by. As a kid, he displayed an aptitude for music, picking up a variety of instruments including string base, piano, and guitar and developing a passion for the arts, as well as entrepreneurship. As he grew, he enjoyed traveling internationally through his church and the subsequent opportunities to exercise his leadership on mission trips. After college, he dove headfirst into a career as a successful singer-songwriter, captivating au- diences and creating records. Then he took his talents to real estate where a series of challenges and a bad-acting partner forced him to declare bankruptcy and step back into music. He took a full-time staff position at one of the largest Methodist churches in the nation and did a stint as their worship leader. One Sunday during the holiday sea- son, after a long series of holiday services, Brooks came home to his family and realized he wasn’t living the life he wanted to live. Knowing real estate could afford his family the freedom, flexibility, and quality of life they desired and not being someone to shy away from a challenge, he

turned his sights back toward it. “The truth is that if I would have had more liquidity and been more prepared the first time around, I would not have had the issue I had with real estate investing. But I had grown too fast too quickly and I also had enlisted the help and sought information from people, such as this banker, who didn’t actually want to help me. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I didn’t seek out trustworthy men- tors to help me,” he reflected. “That’s really why I’m so passionate about what I’m passionate about now — help- ing others, building an excellent team, being a mentor— that passion all came out of that [bankruptcy] experience.” Today, Nathan Brooks is the CEO of a Kansas City- based turnkey real estate company he and his business partner co-founded just five short years ago. His com - pany, Bridge Turnkey Investments, recently received the ranking of #1304 on Inc.’s list of the 5,000 fastest-grow- ing, privately held companies in America. To date, they’ve bought, renovated, and sold over 430 turnkey rental properties, added $54.2 million in value to their clients’ portfolios, and started one of the largest real estate

18 | think realty magazine :: november 2020

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