the decision to start Bridge Meetup in 2018. “We are con- stantly talking about building that bridge to wealth and freedom for ourselves, our team, and our clients. It only felt right to extend that out to our community as well.” Pre-COVID, the group was meeting monthly with a couple hundred members of the Kansas City community coming together, in person, to connect, learn, help each

other, and take action together. The online expression of the group boasts a staggering 92 percent engagement rate with over 8,600 members commenting, posting, rec- ommending, and educating on the platform. “It’s actually a huge amount of effort to monitor and facilitate that group to ensure we provide value in a positive, helpful forum. But, it’s been totally worth it. The community has responded with enthusiasm and there are stories coming from members who have started investing for the first time because of a connection they made, or businesses with real estate support services increasing their revenue by 300 percent because of referrals from the group. We all get better when we work together and that go-giver attitude is a staple in the Bridge Meetup,” Brooks explained. ABRIGHT FUTURE Nathan Brooks has an insatiable desire to be all in and to build something big. With a growing list of successes in his past, he is looking forward to the future. What’s next for Nathan Brooks and Bridge Turnkey Investments? “Well, we started our New Construction division this year and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We are on pace in 2021 to scale that part of the business and build sixty new homes in Kansas City next year, which our clients can purchase as investment properties. We’ve also got some exciting new opportunities coming down the pike right now that I can’t discuss in detail, but they’re go- ing to be huge for our clients and our company,” he said of Bridge’s future. “Keep an eye on,” he explained with a wink when pushed for more details. Outside of the business, he expressed a desire to continue growing as a leader and achieving balance. “I am finally starting to find the balance between the need to death grip hold what I’m working on and totally letting go of it,” he said. “I’m growing a lot in my patience and my ability to chill, and I plan to keep working on that.” Sounds like it could be tough for a man so hardwired for action, but to Brooks, that’s part of the fun. “Is it a chal- lenge? Of course! It’s uncomfortable for me to choose something that’s so unnatural. But, I’ve learned to actually seek the discomfort. You see, it’s in the discomfort that the opportunity actually lies.” •

22 | think realty magazine :: november 2020

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