long-time real estate investors, my hus- band Brian and I have had the good

illness. Brian suffered from chronic de- pression since his mid-thirties. Throughout our 25 years together, we were blindsided by the debilitating affect depression had on us. After more than two decades, count- less doctor’s appointments, and numerous prescription cocktails of antidepressants, talk therapy, bio feedback therapy, and ul- timately a breakdown resulting in hospital- ization, we finally found the solution we had been looking for—TMS treatment. We know we are not the only family that suffers silently with mental illness. The shame and stigma associated with mental illness in a culture where there is always a better pill to take, hold people back from the help they could be receiving. Because of the success of this treatment and very little information about the trans- formation it can bring about to someone that suffers from depression, we founded Map of Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to rais - ing awareness of mental health issues and paying for the cost of the TMS treatment. If you or someone you know suffers from de- pression, please visit us at www.mapofhope. net to find out more and to donate to help someone that may need this life-altering treatment but are unable to afford the cost. You never know whose life you can change! Changing lives can start with real estate in- vesting! •


fortune of not only increasing our overall net worth, but real estate investing has given us the freedom of time. We have been able to parlay our investments so that we are free to pursue passions such as mentoring oth- ers who wish to build financial wealth for themselves and their families, and to also leave a legacy behind fromwhich their com- munity can benefit. When I made the decision to write my first book Winning Deals in Heels, I pledged part of the proceeds to Hope’s Door in Pla- no, TX, an organization that helps families heal from domestic violence. Brian and I also wanted to have even greater impact about something that was near and dear to our hearts, raising awareness about mental health issues, specifically depression and how it affects not only the individual, but their loved ones as well. So, we combined our passion for men- toring people in real estate investing, spe- cifically how to become a successful land - lord and raise awareness of mental health issues and how they affect individuals and their relationships with their personal and professional relationships. We created the Profitable Landlord System, which is our step-by-step process of how to buy, fund, and manage single-family homes. This sys- tem is how we built our wealth and financial freedom and given us the time to give back to our community. It is literally our journey of how we became profitable landlords, and how we got to where we are today. We have been able to change people’s lives when they sign up for the Profitable Landlord System, and we have pledged 10 percent of all proceeds from the sales to fund our nonprofit Map of Hope. Our family has been affected by mental

Nancy Wallace-Laabs is a licensed real estate broker in Texas. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a real estate investor and a former property manager of more than 12 years

in the North DFW area. Nancy and her husband Brian created the Profitable Landlord System – a simple, repeatable and predictable step by step method for becoming a profitable landlord. For more information visit or contact Nancy at

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