in good hands by sharing your extensive knowledge on a community page. To establish yourself as a local guru, you need to do more than copy and paste data about home values and market statistics. Set yourself apart by giving your page a unique, personal spin. Let the real you shine and give your page visitors an inside look at who you are. Maybe you have a favorite neighbor- hood and you share pictures or videos about the area and what is so special about the homes there. If you spe- cialize in a specific type of distressed situation for sellers, share a little why you want to help and what led you to focus on it. These are all great ways to make your community page completely unique to you. Or, you can try one of these other tips: • Get involved in your community (attend local government meetings, volunteer around town, or support local programs and causes.) • Join or start a community Facebook group for locals (These have continued to become more popular in today’s digital world. • Create videos of exciting hot spots around town. Overall, community pages are one powerful tactic in helping you get discovered in your local market. Map out the content you want on your local community page and make sure to make it unique to you. Community pages will help you become the go-to expert in your market. •

how much visitors to your pages share them and who link back to them from other sites. The better the information is on your community pages, the more likely that people will share them. This is good news for your search engine rankings, and therefore your overall visibility online. The game is simple; the more people that find you online, the more clients you will be able to work with. To get the word out, you need to promote your real estate community pages. Using social media, being active in local groups, networking, and talking about your community page encourag- es people to check it out. INCREASEDLEAD GENERATION Buyers and sellers who are re- searching the local market are perfect- ly positioned to be converted into leads. For example, let’s say a family lands on your website as they are researching the local area that they want to call home. While initially the information on your community page is what they found and came to, there are plenty of opportunities to get them to provide you with details that will help you fol-

low up and establish a relationship. Offer a free downloadable guide to the area, or maybe a guide/checklist of things to consider before buying your next home. Maybe it’s a check- list of the common repairs needed to sell for top dollar in this market. No matter what you offer, they will need to exchange their contact information to access it. This will allow you to get in touch via phone or email and learn more about their needs. Or, you can showcase MLS listings for the area that they are exploring, with the option to star their favorites and fill out a form to learn more about specific properties. This provides a natural next step from researching your town to scheduling a home tour with you or to renting one of your properties.


Shawn Tiberio is a Marine Corps veteran, serving 10 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps. With multiple deployments over

Buyers and sellers want to work with a real estate professional who knows their market inside and out. They don’t want to waste time with someone who isn’t knowledgeable. This is true in any business today. The more you can show you are the best, the more prospects will trust working with you. Prove they are

the years and extensive training as an Ironman distance triathlete, entrepreneurship and mindset has become a must for Shawn. He is co-owner of Top Results Consulting, where he helps businesses and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. Check out his free master class and learn exactly how to target the correct prospects for your business at

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