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Realty Matters on page 26, discusses the need to rethink pandemic-induced evictions. Each month, Wojcik tackles tough topics and brings them to the forefront of discussion, encouraging readers to engage in issues that reach all corners of the industry. Plus, our cover person Nathan Brooks is doing great community-enhancing projects in his market—Kansas City. Read his inspiring story on page 16 and see how this musician- turned-minister-turned real estate investor is building more than a business. He is lifting up communities through real estate. In a year that has brought so much havoc, negativity, and uncertainty to so many people, the team at Think Realty is focused on bringing you not only inspiring content and real estate education, but also a community of support and encouragement to help you navigate the downturns and the upswings. I will leave you with some exciting news: In 2021, Think Realty will launch our new quarterly digital magazine devoted solely to commercial real estate—so get ready for more information, more data, and more investing strategies coming soon! •

n nearly every issue of Think Realty Magazine ,

the word “community” comes up. Why? Because in addition to ROI and wealth building, community is one of the building blocks of real estate. One part of Think Realty’s mission is to empower real estate

investors with the mindset and knowledge to build and rebuild communities. Think of all the people you can help and home values you can raise through your real estate deals! Still, community is the often-overlooked cornerstone of REI. And so, each November, we dedicate the entire magazine theme to Community Development. This month, we share stories and investing strategies from investors who have created (literally) entire communities. Bruce McNeilage, for example, takes readers through the Build-to-Rent process as he explains the anatomy of this strategic real estate plan that results in affordable, new housing for thousands of families in his markets. Read about this viable investment strategy that is gaining national attention (p 68). And our featured contributor of the month, Brian Wojcik, in his monthly column

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