colors in the initial stages. However, we’ve found that certain regions and customers often have preferences outside the traditional neutral colors. Knowing region- al tastes for décor can help guide you to some unique color choices that can help differentiate your properties from others. CABINETS, FLOORING AND FIXTURES Here’s where the home’s personality starts to really kick in. In most of our rental homes, even at an entry-lev- STEP 15 el price, we try to add some amenities in the kitchen that help to make the home special. We have found that granite countertops, while a little more expensive, are a key differentiator for buyers and renters alike.

inspection to make sure everything is up to code. Anything that goes wrong at this stage will slow the process and ul- timately cost you money. Some mistakes are simple fixes, such as electrical not hooked up properly or plumbing with hot water hooked to the wrong outlet. But, even these simple steps, which can be rectified relatively quickly, still slow the process and cost you money in the end. They also can give you a reputation among inspectors as a sloppy builder. The more issues you have in your initial projects, the more likely it is that you will be scruti- nized closely in the future. Once you have passed the final inspection, you will receive the certificate of occupancy. Now you are halfway home. Now you can start marketing and leasing your properties. But that’s a whole new set of challenges that we will tackle in a future article. •


FINAL INSPECTION Once the build is complete, the city will want to do a final

Secure Your Vacant Property DAWGS Steel Door & Window Guards provide safe and reliable access to your vacant properties Why Rehabbers, Real Estate Professionals choose DAWGS Security Solutions for Vacant Property: • No Break-ins - DAWGS door guards feature a true 6-point locking system, just like a bank vault. Resulting in faster turnaround times, plus on-time, on-budget projects. • Modular - DAWGS Door & Window Guards can secure openings of any shape and size. • No Lock Boxes or Key Management - DAWGS doors built-in 4 digit code eliminates the need to coordinate keys and lock boxes with realtors, contractors and tradesman. • No Stolen Tools and Materials - A secure property means contractors can leave tools and materials in the property. This reduces the time and the cost of the rehab. • No Safety Concerns - Once inside the property, DAWGS doors can be locked from the inside so realtors and contractors feel safe showing or working in a vacant property. Learn more about DAWGS | 877-88-DAWGS (32947) |

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