The home was owned by an elderly couple who just couldn’t physically maintain it. The home was built by the couple back in the 1960s and had not been upgraded since. The yard and home itself were not maintained and the decking was deemed unsafe. Just the decking itself for the average homeowner would have cost $30,000 to

rebuild. No bank would loan on the home because it was in such a state of despair. This is how investors can help. Investors who buy homes such as these, fix them up, and resell them is the only hope some community members have to ensure their neighborhood maintains integrity and their pride of ownership and home values are

preserved. Investors have the means and the know-how to take homes such as these, turn them around and even drive up the comps in neighborhoods. In the end, investors have the power to improve communities and that’s something we can all feel good about no matter the amount of profit. •

Front door after

Front door before

ANote from the Designer: Growing up assisting my father building and investing in strip malls, it was clear at an early age that real estate investing was a natural path for me to take. I received a formal education in design from the Interior Designers Institute of Newport Beach, California, and have more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate development, custom home building, and flipping houses. Contact me at or

84 | think realty magazine :: november 2020

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