Life In Motion_Hips and Knees-How To Kick The Pain

December 2018

Motion Matters The Newsletter That Helps You Return To A Life In Motion

Feature Article

Written by Adrienne Riveros The Truest “Joint Effort”

Since this issue of Motion Matters is on hip and knee pain, it seems only fitting… to tell the story of Greyson’s birth. Hold on, that doesn’t make any sense you say… Just wait, my friend, it will all make perfect sense in the end. Twoyearsago,Carloswasplayingbasketballwith his brothers. He was going for a rebound and his leg collided with one of his brother’s legs. He felt a pop in his knee, immediately painful, and fell to

the ground. In that instant, he already knew what he had done. His brothers helped him to the car, picked up a set of crutches and went straight home. They didn’t call ahead or let anyone else know what had happened until they arrived. Why? I was about 9 or so weeks away from delivering baby Greyson and they didn’t want me to worry… especially since there was really nothing to do about it but wait until he could get in to see an orthopedic doctor after the weekend. (CONTINUED INSIDE)

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