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Jazzercise: A great way to get fit and have a lot of fun!

When I took some of our staff (Nicole, Casey and Anna) to the Levittown Jazzercise to try out a class I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be a good option for some of my clients who were interested in becoming fit or who wanted to lose some weight but I wanted to see for myself. We met Angela, one of the instructors, who welcomed us and introduced us to the class. Immediately I could feel how friendly and positive the whole atmosphere was. We felt at ease and very comfortable almost right away (once I got past the anxiety that I was about to unleash my atrocious dancing skills on an unsuspecting world). In describing the community within Jazzercise, Angela remarkedthat“There’s agreatenergywithinthe class that’s very inspiring to be around. People really love to dance once they give it a shot.” Angela was once a client before she became an instructor. In fact, as a client she lost 70 lbs (wow)! “Jazzercise was my favorite part of the day. It allows me for a small amount of time to focus onme and have a lot of funwhile doing it.” Now as an instructor: “I love to be able to help people improve their fitness and reach their goals. When people come in you can

•Jazzercise: A great way to get fit and have a lot of fun! •Patient Success Spotlight Let me tell you about the workout. Boy was I impressed! We were dripping with sweat! There was also a low impact option for everyone to do which was less strenuous - which again as a physical therapist I liked a lot. (Continued Inside) see the smiles on their faces as they dance and you can see the relief of stress that we all carry throughout our day just disappear.” As Angela warmed us up in the beginning, starting with easier moves I noticed that there was a structure to the dance program. It started easy (warm-up), continued to get difficult, and then got easier again (cool down.) As a physical therapist this is great to see because a lot of injuries can be avoided using this approach.

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