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Jazzercise: A great way to get fit and have a lot of fun!

When I took some of our staff (Nicole, Casey and Anna) to the Levittown Jazzercise to try out a class I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be a good option for some of my clients who were interested in becoming fit or who wanted to lose some weight but I wanted to see for myself. We met Angela, one of the instructors, who welcomed us and introduced us to the class. Immediately I could feel how friendly and positive the whole atmosphere was. We felt at ease and very comfortable almost right away (once I got past the anxiety that I was about to unleash my atrocious dancing skills on an unsuspecting world). In describing the community within Jazzercise, Angela remarkedthat“There’s agreatenergywithinthe class that’s very inspiring to be around. People really love to dance once they give it a shot.” Angela was once a client before she became an instructor. In fact, as a client she lost 70 lbs (wow)! “Jazzercise was my favorite part of the day. It allows me for a small amount of time to focus onme and have a lot of funwhile doing it.” Now as an instructor: “I love to be able to help people improve their fitness and reach their goals. When people come in you can

•Jazzercise: A great way to get fit and have a lot of fun! •Patient Success Spotlight Let me tell you about the workout. Boy was I impressed! We were dripping with sweat! There was also a low impact option for everyone to do which was less strenuous - which again as a physical therapist I liked a lot. (Continued Inside) see the smiles on their faces as they dance and you can see the relief of stress that we all carry throughout our day just disappear.” As Angela warmed us up in the beginning, starting with easier moves I noticed that there was a structure to the dance program. It started easy (warm-up), continued to get difficult, and then got easier again (cool down.) As a physical therapist this is great to see because a lot of injuries can be avoided using this approach.

INSIDE : • Say Goodbye to Back Pain, For Good! • What is Causing Your Back Pain?

NEWSLETTER The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

SAY GOODBYE TO BACK PAIN, FOR GOOD! A life free of back pain is within your grasp!

In ages past, back pain was difficult to treat. If you experienced back pain, whether as a result of a work injury, trip-and-fall accident, or even just as a result of aging, the answer was almost always the same: head home, take a long rest, and give your back time to heal. This isn’t the way that things go anymore, and for several reasons. To start, the world isn’t as forgiving. Heading home and taking a long rest until your back is healed may work for some, but not for most. With deadlines and carpools and work schedules to keep up with, there needs to be an alternate solution to dealing with back pain that doesn’t require you to completely remove yourself from your responsibilities.

What’s more, recent research indicates that resting may not actually be the ideal solution for long-term back care. Spending too much time on the couch or off your feet can cause the back muscles to weaken and can even weaken bone strength.This could lead to more long-term issues with back pain — not fewer. Exercise, in general, is shown to increase strength and flexibility, supporting healthy muscles and bones, and therefore supporting ideal back health. Physical Therapy for Back Pain While rest and relaxation can help you overcome the immediate pain of a back injury, and may even be recommended by your physician in the

early days following an injury, it is not a long-term solution. Physical therapy offers a long-term solution to back pain by using targeted exercises that focus on the cause of the pain. Through a combination of strength and flexibility training that focusesonmuscledevelopmentand joint movement, physical therapy can address the underlying cause of the pain and significantly improve your quality of life. If you are in pain or have had a recent injury give us a call today and take the next step towards a naturally pain free life! Call (516) 681-8070.


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Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this simple exercise to keep you moving

Jazzercise: A great way to get fit and have a lot of fun!

MODIFIED DOWN DOG (WALL) 1. Stand arms length in front of a wall

2. Place hands against the wall, shoulder width apart, elbows straight 3. Keeping knees straight, and feet firmly planted on the floor, slowly lean toward the ground, bending from the hips 4. Keeping your knees and elbows straight, imagine you are pushing backwards with your buttocks 5. Relax your neck and let your head hang towards the floor. Hold for 10 seconds repeat 6 times


After the workout we got a chance to talk to some of the other members about their thoughts on Jazzercise. Nan Conway has been a long time member and fan: “What I love about Jazzercise is obviously the dancing, which is different every day, but also the friends I make. And I also went from a size 10 to a size 4...which is a pretty nice achievement all from doing something that’s a ton of fun.” I think Nan hit the nail right on the head. If you’re looking for a fun activity that has great health benefits then I would strongly

suggest Jazzercise. We met people of all ages who were in there dancing so age is not a factor and the low impact option allows almost anyone to give it a try. If you love to dance or think you might like to dance but are unsure I would definitely try it! Now here’s the good news. Because we are working with Jazzercise, Kathy (the owner) has given me free passes for all of my clients to try 1-2 weeks free. Just contact us and we can get you these passes. One request - If you go please don’t ask anyone how I danced (ha).


There are a lot of different reasons that back pain can develop. Even when you break down injuries, whether from overuse or athletic pursuits, there are different problems that can develop. Sprains and strains are common, but so are issues with the vertebrae, blood flow, and even concerns regarding the spinal nerves. You might be amazed to discover the different factors that could be influencing your back health. Such as: • Your personal level of physical activity, including how often you exercise and the intensity of your typical workouts. • The types of shoes that you wear, in addition to how frequently you walk in different types of shoes, particularly shoes that lack support or those with high heels. • Prolonged engagement in sedentary behavior, including sitting at a desk for eight hours or more consecutive days of the week, or spending free time on the couch or otherwise relaxed. Aerobic activity and strength training exercises actually make it possible to reduce your risk of injury and to improve your ability to overcome back pain by strengthening the vertebrae and improving blood flow and nutrient disbursement throughout the back. When you are inactive, blood flow can actually become impeded, and this can have a negative effect on the overall health of your back and spine.

How Physical Therapy Helps Anyone who has struggled with back pain can tell you plain and simple: When your back is hurting, there is no way to pretend that it isn’t. Simply going from sedentary activity to being active and healthy isn’t an option — at least not so easily. It takes time and effort, and when back pain is obstructing you from getting started, it requires help. Physical therapy can help you overcome back pain by giving you the knowledge and support necessary to help your back feel better, giving you the option to get off the couch and push yourself to reach new goals. Working with a licensed and experienced physical therapist ensures that you do not take on too much too quickly, but instead are guided through the process of healing with gradual steps. For more information about overcoming back pain, contact us.

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Patient Success Spotlight

April is here and as you can see by this month’s article we have begun working with Jazzercise in Levittown and Farmingdale. We’re honored to help out such a wonderful organization that works hard to keep people fit and healthy while having a great time dancing. We’ve had educational meetings with their instructors so that they can identify injuries in their clients and we are in the middle of having them host us for one of our low back pain and sciatica workshops coming soon. Exciting stuff... and that’s only the beginning. If you are part of an organization that brings in speakers to talk about various issues important to you we would love to come in and do our educational workshop on low back pain and sciatica with your group. Please reach out to us and we can set that up. Talk to you soon. Chris Ostling

“In 6 visits I was 100%!” “I saw that Dr. Ostling had a low back pain workshop so I signed up. I came with a lot of low back pain into my right leg. I couldn’t bend or sit. After a few visits I felt much better. In 6 visits I was 100%! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had therapy before but never like this. In the past it never worked but with this type of therapy it worked wonders. I’m an x-ray technologist and I recommend all of the patients I see to go here to get rid of their pain.” -Halina Slama

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