Score St.Louis - March 2020

St. Louis Bi-State Region

March 2020

a product they’re developing is viable for their area or if their price points are appropriate.

While it might feel like you should have it all figured out just because you’ve been in business for 5–10 years, you don’t have to know everything! Case in point: Several years into my business, I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to hire an employee. I contacted SCORE and spoke with a mentor, and they were able to talk me through it. Having that coaching was so helpful in steering me in the right direction. It felt like someone had my back. What’s so amazing to me about SCORE is it’s a free resource with the sole purpose of helping you grow your business.As entrepreneurs, we know the path can be lonely.You don’t always have someone to bounce ideas off of or troubleshoot a problem with.With SCORE, you do.You have access to a free, readily available resource in your mentor, who’s matched with you based on their skill set.Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? No one succeeds alone.We’re in this together, and SCORE has your back. Not sure if you need a mentor? It doesn’t hurt to schedule an appointment to meet with one. Call 1-866-726- 7340 or visit right now! –Kim Henson

My first question to them is always,“Have you checked out SCORE?”

SCORE is an amazing resource for startups, but it’s also perfect for folks who are in the first several years of business and need guidance and resources to get over some of those early humps and to the next level. Even before I became a volunteer, I would send clients to SCORE when they were feeling stuck or needed resources for a skill set I didn’t have. SCORE offers free guidance to businesses at different phases. Firstly, for those just starting out with their business ideas, SCORE offers mentorship and workshops that assist with things like business plans and accounting processes. Secondly, for people who’ve been in business for 1–5 years but want to get to the next level of growth, SCORE provides guidance and mentorship. Thirdly, for businesses at the 10-year mark, the organization also provides business scans, or snapshots, of an entire business to see where SCORE can help.

Over the years, SCORE St. Louis has helped many budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses. But SCORE isn’t just for startups — it’s a free resource available to anyone who wants to grow their business. Below, business owner and SCORE volunteer Kim Henson shares more about why our organization might be what you need to take your idea to the next level. I often have conversations with other entrepreneurs who are at the leveling-up point in their business. Some are looking to expand and aren’t sure what their next steps are, and some are ready to take their business out of their home office and into an office space but aren’t sure where to turn. Others aren’t sure if



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