Faithworks: Summer 2019

Something you’ve heard me say a lot recently is that when we’re dealing with the hard issues in our community, love always wins. Solving big issues takes a lot of moving parts, but the best solutions always have the most love. Poverty is a great example. Families cannot lift themselves out of poverty with just one approach. They need to solve many upstream issues that lead to poverty. Families achieve stability by securing housing, income and education through our Housing Stabilization and Homeless Resources programs. They create nurturing environments through our Rising Strong, Counseling and CAPA/PREPARES programs. One important and overlooked way to address poverty is making sure families have enough healthy food. That’s where the love comes in. In so many families, food is the same thing as love! Think about your summer backyard barbecues and holiday dinners. Showing our kids we love them is why we rush home from work and make family dinner a priority! Helping families get out of poverty is the reason Catholic Charities has so many food security programs. Food For All helps low-income families shop at farmers markets so they can share healthy family dinners. The Brewster Food Bank offers rural families a shopping experience close to home. The Christmas Bureau’s food vouchers create memories around a holiday meal. Making sure families have access to food is about so much more than nutrition. It’s about helping families grow in love so that they can overcome poverty and live with dignity. In this issue of Faithworks, you can learn more about how Catholic Charities is building up families by feeding the hungry in our region. Sincerely,

Rob McCann President & CEO Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

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