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Southern California Aquatic and Physical Therapy

JULIE BERGMANN , PT , OCS , TPS Getting To Know The Southern California Aquatic &PT Team

Julie’s story may be like yours. She discovered the benefits of aquatic rehabilitation through her own recovery needs. As founder and owner of Southern California Aquatic

In October 1995, Julie was the first private practice physical therapist in Orange County to open and own a physical therapy clinic with an on-site indoor therapeutic pool. Julie specifically designed and built the pool for aquatic rehabilitation. Fast-forward to 2005. While Julie was training for the Pacific Coast Triathlon, she began experiencing severe foot pain. That summer, Julie was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome. For over 2½ years she was on and off crutches. Julie could not resolve the debilitating pain she felt in her foot. After two surgeries, a staph infection and CRPS symptoms, Julie committed herself to perform aquatic therapy exercises in the clinic pool every day. She was finally able to walk again without severe pain. Today, Julie still strongly believes the power of warmwater physical therapy is what has enabled her to return to all of her everyday activities. “It helped my mind and body to heal.” Julie’s commitment to recovery allowed her to compete in the 2010 Pacific Coast Triathlon, and she continues to still have a very active lifestyle. Julie can relate to the pain, the feelings of hopelessness, and all those “Am I crazy?“ moments of dealing with disabling chronic pain. She encourages you to not give up and become your own advocate – the answers are out there. Don’t accept “you just have to live with it”. You CAN feel better!

and Physical Therapy, Julie suffered an injury to her hand and elbow that required multiple surgeries. Because of the pain and swelling caused by the injury, she was unable to work or perform even minor tasks for more than 5 months due to the healing process. Julie was amazed at how much performing exercises in warm water strengthened her arm and entire body without increasing pain. In fact, the pain and swelling reduced beyond her expectations as she improved each day. Julie quickly learned the value of exercising in warm water, and made the decision to provide the community with a healing rehabilitation environment. Early in 1993, Julie began networking around the country with other aquatic physical therapists. After taking several intensive courses, Julie founded Southern California Aquatic Therapy.

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