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The median list price per square foot in Dallas is $206, while the me- dian rent price in Dallas is $1,750.

single-family rent price changes nationally and among 20 metropol- itan areas, it shows a national rent increase of three percent in April 2019, as compared to 2.8 percent in April 2018. With a population of more than seven million in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and a tremendous amount of real estate development to support this growth over the past 65 years, Dallas is among those U.S. cities where renting is more reasonable than buying. One of the many reasons Dallas has been growing over the years is because young people have moved there and continue to do so, and most prefer starting out with renting before buying their own home. The demand for rental units has in- creased 14 percent over the last year,

so it’s a viable investment market. As per the real estate company called, the median house price in Dallas, TX is $186,760, which indicates that home prices in Dallas are around the national average for all cities and towns in the United States. Large apartment complexes are the single most common housing type in Dallas, accounting for 45.26 percent of the city’s housing units. One- or two-bedroom apartments are the most common housing units in Dallas. Other types of housing that are prevalent in Dallas include sin- gle-family detached, duplexes, homes converted to apartments and a few row houses. Dallas has a mixture of owner-occupied and renter-occupied housing.

DALLAS SINGLE & MULTI- FAMILY HOMES STATISTICS Following the real estate market decline in 2007, single-family rental homes became favorable options for investors, saving in construction or refurbishment prices. The quick turnaround for an owner to rent their property means cashflow is almost immediate. Single-family rental properties have grown up to 30 per- cent within the last three years. U.S. single-family rental market has seen steady rent increases between 2010 and 2019. According to CoreLogic’s latest Single-Family Rent Index (SFRI), which analyzes


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