property in Dallas that you might move into or sell at retirement in the future! Either way, knowing your profit potential and purpose is the first thing to consider. Let’s take a look at the number of positive things going on in the Dallas real estate market that can help investors who are keen to buy an investment property in this city. 1. Huge Tenant Pool Dallas has a very diverse econ- omy, so there is a niche for people of every income level. It is esti- mated that 340 people move to Dallas-Fort Worth every day. Dallas has the lowest home ownership rate in the country, with renting more affordable than buying. 2. Low Annual Vacancy Rates The annual vacancy rate of rental properties in Dallas is very low as compared to other cities, which is another good reason of investing in the Dallas real estate market. 3. Flourishing Tourism Tourism is on the rise in Dallas, Texas, which promotes job growth to towns and neighborhoods within the area. Some of the common points of attraction are the AT&T Stadium, Reunion Tower, and Book Deposi- tory. Dallas is becoming a hub for start-ups and IT companies, which has led to an increase in investing in the Dallas real estate market. 4. Suitable Climate The climate in Dallas is character- istic of a southern plains state, with many great areas to locate the invest- ment property you are looking for. 5. Strong Job Market Dallas’s local economy is a mix of aerospace, computer chips, telecom- munications, transport, energy, and healthcare sectors as well as finance

should be low. The neighborhoods must be safe, have a low crime rate, be close to basic amenities, public services, and shopping malls. There should be a natural and upcoming high demand for rental properties and a low supply of income properties. There are 111 neighborhoods in Dal- las. Some of the best neighborhoods are Lake Highlands, Cedar Crest, Knox Henderson, Sunnyvale, Far North Dallas, White Rock, Valley Ranch, Casa Linda-Casa View, Oak Lawn, Lower Greenville, Las Colinas, Preston Hol- low, North Dallas, Park Cities, Kessler Park, Uptown and University Park. University Park has a median listing price of $1.6M, making it the most expensive neighborhood. Pleasant Grove is the most afford- able neighborhood in Dallas, with a median listing price of $149,900. YOUR NEXT MOVE Buying or selling real estate, for most investors, is one of the most important decisions they will make. Choosing a real estate profession- al/counselor continues to be a vital part of this process. They are well-informed about critical factors that affect your spe- cific market area, such as chang- es in market conditions, market forecasts, consumer attitudes, best locations, timing and interest rates. NORADA REAL ESTATE INVEST- MENTS strives to set the standard for our industry and inspire others by raising the bar on providing exceptional real estate investment opportunities in the U.S. growth markets. We can help you succeed by minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. For our full report on the Dallas market, visit http://www. las-real-estate-market/. •

and business services. These sectors are all providers of good wages, which allows for a strong market for Dallas investment properties. Additionally, since 2014, 15 major tech companies have moved to Dallas, bringing ad- vancement and job growth in industrial and professional areas. These factors contribute to the immense growth of the Dallas real estate market, espe- cially for investment properties. colleges in the country. And with the instrumental position held by the University of Texas, Dallas and Northwestern State University, all students and eventual graduates are going to be in the rental market at some point. 7. High Population Growth Propels Real Estate Dallas’s population has grown at twice the national rate for years now and this pushes the prices of investment properties higher due to builders not being able to keep up. Dallas’s housing prices have increased 29 percent over the last three years; yet, even with these increases in home prices, they are still competitive for investment properties and you can expect fur- ther increases over the years. The three most important factors when buying real estate anywhere are location, location, and location. Location creates desirability. Desir- ability brings demand. Demand would raise the price of your Dallas real estate and you should be able flip it for a lump sum profit. When looking to invest in Dallas real estate, you need to find places where the expected property appreciation forecast is positive. The running costs for owning and managing Dallas investment property 6. Big Student Market Texas has some of the best


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