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FBA’s Commitment To Workplace Health In The Corrugated Industry BY CHASE KAMMERER Ensuring the safety and health of your team members in the corrugated industry is a top priority for the Fibre Box Association (FBA). Through its Safety and Health Com-

The deadline to submit your 2023 Innovation in Safety is April 5, 2024. The FBA’s Safety and Health Committee extends its guidelines to encompass critical areas like Rotary Die Cut- ter (RDC), Flexo Machine Guarding, Folder-Gluer Machine Guarding, and Conveyor Safety Recommendations. These recommended guidelines are available on the FBA web- site under the Recommendations section. We offer com- prehensive insights and best practices to enhance safety protocols across various manufacturing processes. These Recommendations come with Inventory and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) forms that you can use as is or change to meet your needs. All of these are available on our website. In addition to these initiatives, the FBA provides a range of safety guidelines covering various aspects of workplace safety, including Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT), Exposure Control Plans (Bloodborne Pathogens), and Personal Pro- tective Equipment (PPE). These guidelines are crucial for maintaining a safe work environment, preventing injuries, and complying with relevant regulations such as those set by OSHA. For instance, the Powered Industrial Truck Compliance recommendations outline training and evaluation require- ments for employees operating such trucks. Similarly, the Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens empha- sizes risk assessment, control methods, post-exposure evaluation, communication, and recordkeeping. CONTINUED ON PAGE 22

mittee, the FBA has proactively en- hanced safety protocols and practices within the industry, like our Innovation in Safety Award, and through the Recommendations, FAQs, and Docu- ments we offer on the FBA website. FBA’s Safety and Health Commit- tee led the creation of the Innovation

Chase Kammerer

in Safety Award. This award acknowledges individuals or teams who have developed or improved safety innova- tions that effectively address workplace hazards. These innovations can range from novel devices to creative solu- tions that enhance safety within manufacturing environ- ments. To qualify for the Innovation in Safety Award, recipients must demonstrate tangible improvements in safety mea- sures, such as reducing accidents, injuries, or potential hazards. The innovation should seamlessly integrate into the workplace and yield precise results, such as improved engagement or reduced errors.

20 April 1, 2024

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