Board Converting News, April 1, 2024

AkeBoose Takes Over EKS Activities

Holographic Tape (CONT’D FROM PAGE 33)

grams with the functionality of an easy opening system. It’s available in four formats – the unprinted Prism, the printed Prism Plus, the selectively metallized Prism Ultra, and the maximum-security Prism Unique, which features unique holographic designs. As a holographic tape, the Prism collection can offer multiple layers of security. As counterfeiters become more sophisticated in their methods, brands should proactive- ly seek to layer authentication features on their packag- ing. Each authentication feature is like a lock on a safe. A single lock is somewhat effective but can be overcome as counterfeiters can focus all their attention on cracking it. When multiple locks are used, producing a convincing fake becomes exponentially more complex. It may still be possible that a forger could crack every lock at once, but each one takes a significant amount of time and money to unlock. As counterfeiters are opportunistic, it is more likely that they will simply move on to an easier target. The tape itself represents one layer of security, as it acts as tamper evidence. The holographic element acts as a second layer of overt security. This can be complement- ed with further layers of overt and covert security, such as embedding microtext or nanoimages, image switches, and more. One covert layer of security print that can be added is a taggant, which usually consist of materials that light up when hit with infrared light.

AkeBoose, an Agergaard group company, has taken over the activities of flexo printing unit manufacturer Einbecker Kennzeichnungssysteme (EKS). EKS is a manufacturer of flexographic printing units for printing on both web and sheet substrates. Originally founded more than 70 years ago for the development, manufacture and sale of mark- ing and coding systems, EKS has increasingly specialized in integrated flexo printing systems for single-color and multicolor industrial flexo printing since the 2000s. Ake- Boose will continue the design, manufacture, and mainte- nance of new and existing EKS machinery, and has taken over the EKS service staff. In addition to printing press components such as cham- ber doctor blade systems, ink supply systems and custom- er-specific systems for the application of ink or other fluids in flexographic printing processes, EKS flexo printing press- es complete the product range as complete solutions. The production of EKS machinery will be integrated into the Agergaard Group’s facilities in Celle, Lower Saxony in Ger- many, for which the warehouse and production area will be expanded. The aftersales service for spare parts and consumables for EKS machinery has already been operat- ing there since 2019 under the roof of AkeBoose’s sister company Agergaard Graphic Supplies.



April 1, 2024

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