North County Water & Sports Therapy Center July 2018

REFRESH, RELAX, AND RESTORE THIS SUMMER WITH AQUASTRETCH™ WHAT IS AQUASTRETCH™? AquaStretch™ is an interactive, dynamic, assisted stretching technique performed in the water.

BENEFITS OF AQUASTRETCH INCLUDE: • Improved mobility • Increased flexibility

FAQ Do I need to know how to swim? No, the technique is performed in

• Decreased pain • Deep relaxation • Improved sleep • Fast recovery after competition

shallow water with the therapist, and support is provided as needed. What do I wear? Wearing a swimsuit is preferable, but you may also wear shorts and a workout top if you wish. How long does a session last? A wellness session, where we work your whole body from head to foot, takes about 45–50 minutes. How many sessions do I need? This depends. Patients with chronic pain often need 6–10 sessions over a period of 6–8 weeks. Some people only need a couple of AquaStretch™ sessions to restore their mobility and quickly move into strengthening exercises. Others use AquaStretch™ sessions like a deep massage and come in every few months to feel good or recover from a competitive activity such as a marathon. Does my insurance company cover AquaStretch™? All our therapists are trained in AquaStrech™ and may use some of the techniques as part of the therapy plan of care. The wellness full-body session is not covered by insurance and is offered at our discounted cash rate of $100 per session.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM AQUASTRETCH™? • Anyone who has lost functional mobility due to injury, illness, or lack of use • People with chronic myofascial pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia • Athletes and active individuals who want to recover faster

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