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Scan today, use fewer red pens tomorrow.

Confirm every detail with confidence.

Building scans & 3D reference models

Understanding what you need starts with knowing what you have.

Using advanced scanning technology, we take pictures and points of every surface and element within the building and provide you with a 3D point cloud model and photographic record.

Be certain about your building data without time-consuming trips to the site with our hyper-accurate building scans.

Useful data with context. Using the 3D model collected from the scan, we can provide you with existing conditions base files in 2D or 3D for your designs.

Manage your project, not all the files. As we scan, your projects are stored privately and confidentially in the cloud, providing web access to your team. Further access may be provided at your discretion for easy collaboration.

Welltown Brewery | Tulsa, OK

The information you need, in your timeframe.

Document your as-built conditions for all of your buildings.

Because we are owned by architects, we understand what information you need and how it will be used. We can integrate different data sources to give you all of the information you need within your deadline. Need above ceiling information? No problem! Just need the front office scanned? No job is too small. Have thousands of SF and multiple locations? We can handle that too.

No matter what the building use, we capture the whole building to deliver simple, affordable references and design files so you know exactly what you have.

Web-based, fully immersive 3D buildings.

Eliminate judgment calls and receive the most accurate data.

The browser-based NavVis IndoorViewer features an advanced content management system for adding and managing geo-tagged information like images, cut-sheets, audio/video, etc. that enables you to explore and interact with scanned spaces as if you are on site.

Our advanced scanning methodology gives you the clearest picture of what you have with 360° photos and an online viewer with easy-to-access point-to-point measurements.

Scan today, use fewer red pens tomorrow. 918.986.8606

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