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MARCH 2020

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main focus is on timing and finding the “right time” to do something and includes scientific explanations for why we are so productive at certain points of the day and struggle so much at other times. At one point, Pink discusses identifying which point in the day you’re most successful and structuring your day around that. Rather than strictly outlining what needs to get done, Pink encourages readers to identify when the tasks need to get done to maximize their achievement with said tasks. This idea resonated with me, and it’s changed the way I approach my meetings, schedule, and tasks. I believe that’s one of the most powerful parts of reading. Sure, every chapter in each book may not give me that “aha!” moment, but if I can improve how I think and act, then opening a book is worth it. I’ve even seen the way reading opens up that curiosity in my kids. We read two books to our middle child, Julien, every night. (Of course, in typical kid fashion, he’s been trying to get us to read more than two books in an effort to stay up later!) As we keep reading, it’s cool to see the way Julien interacts with his world. We hear him reading signs he sees or talking about the stories we read. It’s a good feeling to have as a parent. We also read to our youngest child, Allison, and even

Reading was never much of a hobby for me. I read out of necessity during high school and college, and by the time I graduated from physical therapy school, I never wanted to read again! Once I was working in the professional world, I didn’t pick up as many books, because I wasn’t being told to do so. But when I became a business owner, I knew I had to shift my thinking. I knew that some of the best leaders in our world are avid readers. Bill Gates reads 50 books each year, while Elon Musk credits his rocket-building abilities to reading. Warren Buffett even claims to read 500 pages every day! In order to become a better leader and create a clinic environment that empowers healing, I had to peruse the bookshelves. While I may not be as ambitious as Warren Buffett, I’ve learned from the success he’s found. Today, I read because I want to and because I know it will help me grow personally and professionally. The books I pick up may not be the most exciting or riveting to everyone, but I’ve learned new tactics and habits that improve company culture for my employees and the healing experience for our patients. One of the biggest influences on the way I approach my work was “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel H. Pink. The book’s

though she’s just 1 year old, you can see her responding to the stories and our noises in these interactions. For both my business and my kids, I’m grateful to have found my way back to reading. If it’s been a while since you cracked open a good book, then I would recommend trying it out again. I’d love to hear about what you’re reading, and if you have a suggestion for my bookshelf, let me know!

Happy reading!

–Dr. Colin Sisco

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