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Women in Business Executive Women in Bu iness Kathleen F. Ringler, President Mutual Abstract Company celebrates 26 years in business


strongest influence on your career? Without the support of my parents, family, and friends I would never have been able to get through the last 26 years. My parents were here for me every day, both emotionally and physically. They taught me how to work hard and gave me the courage and tenacity to persevere through the hard times. My three daughters and husband weremy backbone. My brothers and sisters brought humor and the ability to laugh at myself. It’s important to not take yourself too seriously. What impact has social media / networking had on your business? Real Estate is a people business so face to face networking is the ideal way to obtain the trust required to build long term relationships. What were some of your early goals and did any- thing happen in you career /profession to enhance or change them? My goals grew through the years. Early on my goal was to pay the mortgage and take care of my daughters. Once the girls were out of col- lege, my goal was to meet and help as many clients as I could. What unique qualities and or personality traits do you feel make you most success- ful in your profession? Honesty and integrity have both been important to my suc- cess over the years. What challenges and or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to be- come as successful as you are today? I am constantly struggling to learn as much technology as I can to help my office be as ef- ficient as possible, to be able to stay ahead of the curve. What was the most defin- ing moment for you in the profession you are cur- rently in? It was exciting starting this business, I was independent and striking out on my own. But it was dif- ficult and stressful, exciting and exhilarating at the same time. Being able to celebrate 25 years in business last year was truly a milestone. I love the work that I am doing, I go into work everyday more passionate then the last. Tell us a little about your family. My husband and I were married in the Bahamas almost twenty years ago, I have three beautiful children and seven grandchildren who are my world. 

ell us how and when you began your ca- reer in the profes-

What was your greatest professional accomplish- ment in 2018? We celebrated our 26th year in business this year and still have many of the same clients that started with us on that very first day. How do you manage the work/life balance? Now that the kids are married and in their own homes, of course it’s easier, but when they were younger it was quite a struggle. Family time is family time.Be- ing able to put down your phone and focus on what is important is key. Who or what has been the

Kathleen F. Ringler President Mutual Abstract Company Years with company/firm: 26 Years in field: 43 Years in real estate industry: 43 Real estate organizations / affiliations: American Land Title Association; Pennsylvania Land Title Association; Bucks County Board of Realtors

sion you are in: I began my career In 1975, working part time after school where I ordered and reviewed title searches for foreclosure suits. What is your current po- sition? I am the President at Mutual Abstract Company, a licensed title insurance com- pany located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today? Real Estate is always changing which makes it a

challenging industry. Changes to Divorce Codes and Bank- ruptcy Codes can affect the Real Estate industry. Buying

or selling homes can be a very emotional time for both buyers and sellers.and I enjoy being a part of that.


Mutual Abstract Company’s Title Agents have over 40 years of experience performing title insurance and title policy services. Our well-trained courteous staff are available to assist you at any point. Kathleen F. Ringler is President of Mutual Abstract Company. She began her title insurance career in 1975. In 1991, Kathleen opened her first office in Lower Bucks County. She now manages a techno- logically advanced title insurance company located in Feasterville, Bucks County, PA.

421 Bustleton Pike Feasterville, PA 19053 215 355 6300


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