Lewis Maclean - November 2019


Staying Comfortable All Winter Long

If you’ve kept up with our newsletter for long, you know we like to talk about maintenance. We’re all about ensuring your heating system is maintained for the cold weather months and that your cooling system is maintained for the warm weather months. We’re here to make sure you’re comfortable in your own home, no matter the time of year and no matter the temperature. However, as heating systems are used and as the years go by, maintenance only goes so far. A good technician can help keep your boiler or furnace running, but as your heating system gets up in age, it becomes costlier to maintain and run. Even the best technicians can’t restore efficiency to a furnace after it’s been running for 15 years. But those increased maintenence costs, for the most part, can be avoided. As your system ages, you can tell. Your heating bill starts to go up, season after season, but more than that, it doesn’t heat your home as well as it used to. When your heater kicks on, it takes longer to heat your home. When it kicks back off, you notice it’s not as warm as you’d like — or it takes longer to turn back on. Basically, your heating system starts to become an inconvenience rather than a comfort. When it becomes an inconvenience, that’s a good time to think about replacing the aging system rather than repairing it. The upfront cost is higher, but it gives you peace of mind — and you’ll never have to worry about the system giving out and ultimately failing, which is about as inconvenient as it gets!

The great thing about updating your furnace or boiler is just how efficient new units are. If your system is 15–20 years old, a new system will run circles around your old system. Thanks to energy regulations, advances in technology, and better designs, new systems are, in a word, amazing.

You save more money every month, and a new furnace will heat your home more evenly, keeping you comfortable, no matter what temperature you set it to. You no longer have to worry about “gaps” in coverage or your system failing in the middle of the night, leaving you freezing in the morning. If you are concerned about the cost that comes with replacing your furnace or boiler, be sure to check the FortisBC website ( FortisBC.com ) — they regularly offer rebates on new equipment like furnaces. For instance, right now they’re offering substantial rebates on eligible furnaces, and there’s a long list of furnaces that apply! It’s always worth checking out. Now, if you know a family who could really use a new furnace, we want to hear from you! We’re extending our furnace giveaway until Saturday, Nov. 30! All you have to do is send us a story about a deserving family in need of a new furnace. You can send your submission to givingback@lewismaclean.com . Please include your name, your nomination’s name, and why you feel they deserve a brand-new furnace. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you to everyone who has already sent us their nominations!

–Tyler Dillon

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