Corporate & private events

Belgian chocolate making class and workshop For corporate events (team building, recruiting events…)

Meet Elisabetta, our chocolate maker, discover the wonders of Belgian chocolate and learn how to make these tasty treats with one of the very few real chocolate makers based in Brussels. She knows how to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses . Our chocolate workshops encourage collaboration rather than competition. For us, the importance of team building is to encourage teamwork among employees, by building connections and bonds between co-workers. Our workshops also allow for an easier time to communicate among departments and teams.

Why a chocolate event for corporate event? Our corporate events are making your team even more special!

That’s simple. A love of chocolate is something that brings everyone together and what we don’t know about chocolate, its origins, and its ability to unite an audience towards a common goal isn’t worth knowing! Combining an extensive background in chocolate making, marketing, product development and management, we’re passionate about using this “food from the gods” for events that are:

• Exciting • Inspiring • Engaging • Interactive

• Educational • Effective • Fun • Tasty

If you’re looking for an alternative idea to the usual corporate team building activity, a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or an interactive and educational experience for your team, colleagues, partners…

We can deliver it!

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