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January 2019


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BECOMING GRANDPA Meet My Granddaughter Louisa— Hear Our Big News!

Nearly two years ago, my daughter, Sydney, and her husband, Kelan, took a trip to Europe. Naturally, they snapped loads of photos. When they came back, we gathered together for a little slideshow of photos so we could live vicariously through them in their European travels. But at the end of the slideshow, Sydney told us she had one more photo for us and handed my wife an envelope. Curious and confused, my wife opened the letter. As a former x-ray technician, she began screaming at the ultrasound photo in her hand. I just sat there, confused about why my wife was suddenly in gleeful hysterics — then it hit me like a ton of rocks. This past October, our first grandchild, Louisa, turned one, and it’s hard to imagine our lives without this adorable busybody. I remember holding her for the first time hours after she was born in the hospital, and I just couldn’t believe the little girl I had raised was suddenly a mom to this little child. It’s a surreal feeling for any parent. Sydney has been an amazing mom; she took to it like a duck to water. I was surprised — in a completely positive way — that motherhood was like second nature to her, since this was her first child. She and Kelan have had tremendous support within their family, including my other daughter, Amanda. Born 22 months apart, my girls are close, and Amanda has relished her role as doting auntie. Amanda works with children with profound disabilities, so Sydney has also been relying on her for advice about normal habits and traits Louisa is picking up. It’s been a great time for the two of them to connect and grow together over this little being. Louisa, Sydney, and Kelan used to live about 20 minutes away from my wife and I, but this fall, Kelan took a new job in Richmond. In early October, we celebrated Louisa’s first trip around the sun with a party and We were going to be grandparents!

celebrated again with a small family affair one week later in Richmond. When Sydney went to put

Louisa down for a nap at this second party, we all remained downstairs,

chatting and mingling. Sydney came downstairs and said, “We

need to be quiet … because Louisa is going to have a sister.” We all looked at her, surprised at the news Sydney had shared with us — again.

The second baby is due in May! My wife and I are overjoyed to become grandparents again, and I know Louisa will be a great big sister.

This Thanksgiving was the first time I saw Louisa since her birthday party, and it was crazy to see how this once-little baby has changed in a matter of six weeks. She was this tiny human, pulling herself up on her chair and working through her next steps. You could see the little wheel turning in her brain as she continued to explore and learn about her world. I’ve lived all over the country, graduated from West Point, served in the Army, and owned a dentistry business, but being a husband, father, and grandfather to these three women and one little girl brings me immense joy and pride. I can’t wait to meet this next little girl and see what she brings to our growing family. — Dr. H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


www.Nor thernVirginiaDental .com

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