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Happy 15thAnniversary toMe!

T his month, I celebrate my 15th year practicing law. On Oct. 25, 2004, I was admitted to practice law in the state of Georgia. One of my most admired role models, the Honorable Judge Mary Staley, serving the Cobb County judicial circuit, administered the oath. My boss and mentor Barry E. Morgan, solicitor general of Cobb County, presented me to the court for admission. My parents Billie and Phil Gingreywere present as well as my uncle James Gingrey, who is also an attorney. Also present were my brother Billy, my husband Jerry, and my longtime mentor and professional coach, Attorney Greg Stokes. Just four days later, I delivered my first child, Grey. It was an exciting time! As I celebrate this anniversary, I reflect on my career as a lawyer and the many blessings it has provided. My first job was prosecuting in Cobb County State Court. In 2006, I left that job to start my own law firm, defending those facing criminal prosecution. During that same year, I gave birth to my second child, Marian. Owning my own business was scary but provided me with the flexibility I needed as a working momwith a growing family. I give thanks and praise to God for giving me the courage to take that leap of faith. In 2008, I added an additional practice area to my firm: consumer bankruptcy protection and debt settlement. We also welcomed our third child, Ruby. My family and my law firmwere growing in similar fashion. In 2010, we welcomed our fourth child, Ley, and our familywas complete. We continued to grow the firm and added another practice area focused on students. There was

a growing need for representation of students facing disciplinary actions at colleges and high schools, and we have thoroughly enjoyed making a difference in these young lives. I am excited to announce that I will start my 15th year in practice in a beautiful new space. We have moved our office to 531 Roselane Street, Suite 200, in Marietta. It is a former factory converted to a beautiful office space with exposed brick, piping, and rafters. The firm experienced so much growth in the last 18 months that we needed more space for our growing staff. We are still conveniently located close to the courthouse with easy access to I-75. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my life who played a critical role in my success. There are too many people to list here, but I would like to acknowledge those mentioned above. The Honorable Mary Staley has had an amazing career as assistant district attorney, chief magistrate court judge, state court judge, and superior court judge. I am sure she has no idea how big of a role model she has been to me and countless other people in our great community. Barry Morgan hired me as a prosecutor when I was eight months pregnant. I will never forget that he took a chance on me and gave me the invaluable experience of prosecuting on behalf of the citizens of Cobb County.

my endeavors. Now that I am a parent of four children, I understand much better the personal sacrifices they both made and continue to make for me and my three siblings. I am forever grateful and hope that I can do the same for my children. My husband, Jerry; my Uncle James; and my siblings, Billy, Gannon, and Laura Neill, have always been my biggest cheerleaders. Having a strong foundation of family support makes all the difference in the face of adversity. Attorney Greg Stokes has been encouraging and advising me since 2000 when he hired me as his paralegal, despite my total lack of experience. I would not be a lawyer today if I had never met Greg Stokes. I can truly say I have never met anyone as open, honest, and genuinely interested in making the world better than Greg Stokes. I am very excited about the next 15 years. I will continue to grow and provide the highest level of service to my clients. Thank you to all my

friends and familywho have made the success of my firm possible.

My parents, Billie and Phil Gingrey, have advised, encouraged, and supported me in all

–Phyllis Gingrey Collins

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