FFAC EVOLVE Art & Artists Catalog, April 27, 2023


Art & Artists Catalog April 27, 2023

Firnew Farm Barn Gallery, 19 Wolftown-Hood Road, Hood, VA 22723

The exhibition and sale features 90 original pieces of art by 31 artists.


Celebrating Twenty Years Watercolors by Trish Crowe, Founder and Director of the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle

For twenty years Firnew artists kept the SPIRIT alive as they continued to EVOLVE . The exhibition is a testament to their creativity, curiosity and artistic exploration throughout the years. During the pandemic, the artists held together to paint, draw, and photograph outdoors. What sets them apart is the diversity of styles they work in: painting in Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic or using drip, brush or palette knife to execute their


expressions; and, photographers shooting in film, digital or wetplate, or fiber artists, potters or jewelers who create masterful pieces that enchant and delight. The singular element that unites them is their “being present at the scene!” Perhaps, secondly, is a return to the foundation of their artforms. Trish Crowe grinds pigments to create watercolors, John Berry started in film, then moved to digital, and is now firmly ensconced in wetplate. He created an 11 x 14 wetplate, the lens came from Germany, the silver tank from Maine, and using fellow artist, Barb Wallace’s 100 year old glass from a greenhouse in England he creates his final images. John Berry quoted Freeman Vines, “I prefer to do it by hand for one simple reason. It takes all of the glory out of what you’re doing when you’re using a lot of modern tools.” The land has always been its muse. From the first exhibition: The Legacy of the Land that received a grant from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and had then-Governor Tim Kaine arrive by helicopter to inaugurate. Now home to many plein air painters who meet at various locations to paint together and return to critique. Firnew’s creativity, c ommunity, collaboration and compassion have seen numerous artists through its door, garnered many awards for their artwork, spear-headed scholarship awards and judged Greene County and Madison County school Art Shows. A five year collaboration with the Vir ginia Master Naturalists and the University of Virginia’s Poison Control Center fueled two exhibitions: “The Socrates Project” in 2019 followed by “The Cleopatra Project” in 2022 .

Art Purchases

All art is offered for sale. To purchase, please send an email to FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the artist, title of the artwork and your phone number. You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, delivery or pick up of the art, and any additional charges for mailing art via UPS.

To learn more about the Firnew Farm Artists ’ Circle and its members , please visit https://www.firnewfarmartistscircle.com/


Lee Barker Colonial Sycamore Oil 30 x 15 $500

An early spring weekend in Colonial Williamsburg brought me face to face with a giant beauty, native to our country. This ancient sycamore dwarfs nearby buildings and trees yet is unrecognized in official notes on the property. Some people say that sycamores seem to live forever. This tree, with its almost impossibly long, arm-like branches reaching to the sky, is fulfilling that promise. This final painting evolved from the original which was torn when the strong wind that day blew my easel down onto a jagged rock.


Lee Barker Peach Valley – Springtime Oil 15 x 30 $300

It was cold and very windy that day. Yet in spite of a wind so strong that it blew down this large canvas and my easel several times, the delicate peach blossoms shivered but held tight to their branches. I held on, too, for many hours, captivated by the beauty of an entire valley filled with delicate and lovely blossoms, dancing in the wind. I’ll return to Chile’s Orchard this summer to enjoy the warm sweetness of the ripe peaches that evolve from the delicate blossoms I painted.


John Berry

My three plates were all created with the wetplate collodion process, invented by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851. The plates are coated with light sensitive chemistry, and directly exposed in camera. Hazeltop Ridge Overlook was exposed in Shenandoah National Park in late March, developed and processed in the Park at the Overlook. The two plates of cows were exposed in camera by photographing a digital image on a computer screen. John Berry Hazeltop Ridge Overlook - Shenandoah National Park Photography, Blue Glass Ambrotype 11.875 x 14.625 x 1 $340


John Berry Three Twenty Three Photography, Blue Glass Ambrotype 8 x 8 Small wooden display stand included $205


John Berry Four Seventeen Photography, Blue Glass Ambrotype 8 x 8 Small wooden display stand included $205


Pat Brodowski Tumble Jumble Oil on Canvas 22 x 18 $875

Opalescent glaze on vintage teacups was my focus for the daily challenge by Strada Easel in January 2023. I decided to add a teacup or plate each day, with the final composition a tumble of cups with what became an unreachable goal of 31 cups painted in a single day. Tumble Jumble holds 19 cups and a teapot, and I’ve enjoyed working on the details for many days.


Pat Brodowski Sunrise at Trish’s Oil on Panel 12 x 20 $575

On April 11, 2023, I caught the moon setting as the sun illuminated Saddleback Mountain, around 7:05 a.m. at 25 degrees with frost being burnt off the grass by the sun. Local residents will recognize this iconic drive into Firnew Farm.


Pat Brodowski Follow the Shade Oil on Canvas 12 x 22 $575

Trees along the idyllic Haneytown Creek cast alluring shadows into the water, restful coolness on a hot day. This was painted at Rose Mountain Farm on April 19, 2023.


Pat Brodowski View of Old Rag Oil on Canvas 16 x 16 $575

Old Rag is a rocky mountain in Shenandoah National Park that rises like an island above the tiny villages in the valley below. Fields are autumnal colors, as this was painted February 8, 2023 from the Old Rag Overlook on Skyline Drive.


Pat Brodowski View from Round Hill in Winter Oil on Canvas 14 x 38 $575

At the Round Hill Inn in Orange, Va., you can see a full panorama view of the Blue Ridge, and managers of the Inn welcomed our group of plein-air artists wanting to paint it on January 18, 2023. The rough palette knife technique captures the excitement of experiencing such a sweeping vista.


Ramey Campbell Budding Maple along a Creek Oil on Canvas Panel 22 x 18 $375


Ramey Campbell Redbuds along Cox Mill Road Oil on Canvas 20 x 24 $325


Maria Festa Carter

I named these pieces 20 x 20 for 20 because if you put them together they measure 20" x 20" which seemed so fitting for the 20th anniversary of Firnew Farm Artists' Circle. I painted them as one piece so I had more area on which to move the paints but when separated they each evolved into a unique image.

Maria Festa Carter 20 x 20 for 20 #1 Acrylic 20 x 10 x 1.5 $325


Maria Festa Carter 20 x 20 for 20 #2 Acrylic 20 x 10 x 1.5 $325


Ellen Copeland Line Dance Oil on Canvas

48 x 36 $1,500

Line Dance gets its drama from the movement of those bold lines and bright colors. The somewhat figurative shapes make me think of a maypole dance in springtime. The colors don’t fight, but they do push against each other enough to create a fun surprise.


Ellen Copeland Shenandoah Spring Oil on Canvas

48 x 30 $1,300

Shenandoah Spring relies on bold loose lines and simple shaded leaf like shapes to bring interest to the composition. The colors play nicely together in an uncrowded space as a reminder of the first flow of bright green willow leaves and soft orange wild azaleas on the mountain side in early spring.


Trish Crowe Ella’s Bubbles Watercolor 22.25 x 33.5 $2,200


Trish Crowe Celebrating Twenty Years Watercolors 8 x 8 $100 for each painting


Trish Crowe dozen FRESH EGGS Watercolor

8 x 8 $100


Anne Dean Color Parade Watercolor 19 x 23 $430


Anne Dean Spring Daisies Watercolor 23 x 19 $430


Bonnie Dixon DNA and Me Oil over Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 18 x .75 $350

I like this painting because it looks like a window and the balloon is an important part of my life story. A pink balloon I carried outside at my grandmother's apartment when I was 4 years old flew away. I was distressed. My mother said, ‘ I hate to tell you but that is how life is going to be. ’ Perhaps this will break that spell!


Kitty Dodd A Youngster in Rousseau’s Trees Oil 14 x 14 $375

Young birds are so endearing and seeing a young Red Cardinal among shiny green leaves left me with a feeling of happiness.


Kitty Dodd Feel the Heat Oil 24 x 26 $525

Nothing says Florida like Flamingos and Palm Trees. The sun is warm and very relaxing.


Lea Doise Evening Shadows Oil 13.5 x 15.5 $350


Lea Doise Virginia Fields Oil 22.5 x 26.5 $925


Lea Doise Hazy Day Oil 13.5 x 17 $925


V-Anne Evans Day’s End Fort Lewis Oil 23 x 27 $1,000


V-Anne Evans Late Winter Oil 23 x 23 $800


Jane Goodman

My paintings reflect my emotional response to the natural world-- observation mixed with imagination.

Jane Goodman Queen Anne’s Lace Field Oil 8 x 10 $150


Jane Goodman When Poppies Bloom, Provence Oil 7 x 14 $150


Jane Goodman In My Dreams Oil 12 x 12 $260


Patty Kennedy Hudson

Within the Firnew Artist s’ Circle an active Plein Air group has developed. The two paintings at Round Hill Inn, and the one at Barboursville Ruins were painted within a few weeks of each other. So much can be learned from working with each other. We are all painting at the same location, but each image created ends up so differently. My artwork is forever evolving.

Patty Kennedy Hudson Morning At Round Hill Inn, Orange, VA Acrylic on Canvas 13 x 15 $250


Patty Kennedy Hudson View At Round Hill Inn, Orange, VA Acrylic on Canvas Panel 13 x 15 $250


Patty Kennedy Hudson Barboursville Ruins in Early Spring Acrylic On Canvas Panel 15 1/2 x 18 $300.00


Patty Kennedy Hudson Pearl Acrylic on Wooden Panel 6 x 6 $100.00

Patty Kennedy Hudson Pullets Acrylic On wooden Panel 6 x 6 $100.00


Frances Kloker Lacy Shenandoah Overlook Textiles 16 5/8 x 22 3/8 $1,750

Created with individual pieces of cotton fabric sewn together, then thread painted, "Shenandoah Overlook" portrays the ever changing colors and atmosphere of the mountains in the Shenandoah National Park.


Vincent Lupinetti By the Creek Watercolor 11 x 15 $300

My adventures with watercolor started about a year ago and has slowly evolved. I continue to practice and hopefully show a progress towards mastery of this medium.


Vincent Lupinetti Near the Creek Watercolor 11 x 15 $300


Linda Ashley Miller The Rose Watercolor and Chalk

32 x 47 $2,800


Linda Ashley Miller Bath County Watercolor 9 x 12 $850


Jon Perry Ascending Swan Acrylic 40 1/2 x 27 1/2 $850

In 1868 King Ludwig II of Bavaria began to build Schloss Neuschwanstein. He named it after the Knight Swan in the opera by Richard Wagner. He drowned in 1886; some think he was drowned because his extravagance was bankrupting the country. King Ludwig II built the castle as his personal retreat but, ironically, days after his death it was opened to the public. I exaggerated the vertical dimension in this painting but, even so, the first glimpse of the castle leaves tourists breathless.


Terrence Pratt Maturity and Decay Photography 16 x 10 $125


Terrence Pratt Youth Photography 16 x 9 $125


Cheryl Ragland

For the past year the circle has been a recurring theme in my jewelry designs. It is a powerful symbol representing wholeness, perfection, totality, and divine symmetry/balance. For this anniversary show the circle became the perfect vehicle to illustrate the meaning of “evolve” — to develop by gradual changes. The result is six pairs of earrings that start with one solitary circle and “evolve “ to more complex renditions.

Cheryl Ragland The Evolving Circle Three pairs of earrings from the bottom up # 1 Sterling Silver 1 x 1 - $60 # 2 Sterling Silver with crystals 5/8 x 5/8 - $60 # 3 Sterling Silver 1 3/4 x 1/2 - $60


Cheryl Ragland The Evolving Circle Three pairs of earrings from middle to top # 4 Sterling Silver with crystals 1 x 1 - $75 # 5 Sterling Silver with crystals 3/4 x 3/4 - $90 # 6 Hammered Sterling Silver 2 x 7/8 - $75


Chee Kludt Ricketts

Working as a painter provides me with daily excitement and I am energized by the use of new techniques and materials. American Beauty and The Beginning of Summer are part of my most recent exploration. YUPO is a plastic material that does not absorb pigment, making it a challenging surface for applying paint; however, I find that the resulting images possess colors that are brighter and more vibrant than those painted on traditional watercolor paper.

Chee Kludt Ricketts American Beauty Watercolor on Yupo 13 x 17 $295


Chee Kludt Ricketts The Beginning of Summer Watercolor on Yupo 17 x 13 $295


Janice Rosenberg

I love the weeping cherry tree outside my studio. Its singular beauty stands out in early spring clothed in deep pink blossoms. But in winter reflected in the moon light, the tree has evolved into another form entirely, yet every bit as beautiful.

Janice Rosenberg Weeping Cherry in Flower Oil 14 x 11 $350


Janice Rosenberg Weeping Cherry in Winter Oil 14 x 11 $350


Sara Schneidman

I fell in love with clay when I was seven years old and on a visit to Japan for the first time. The hand thrown pottery I saw everywhere was fascinating to me. I learned to throw pots myself soon after. Clay has remained a passion and a great teacher throughout my life. Although the world and my pots have changed greatly since my childhood, my love for clay has endured.

Sara Schneidman Circles (SSP 578) Hand thrown low fired clay, underglazes and glaze 3 x 9 3/4 $650


Sara Schneidman Triangles (SSP 579) Hand thrown low fired clay, underglazes and glaze

4 x 9 $650


Sara Schneidman Diamonds/Triangles (SSP 582) Hand thrown low fired clay, underglazes and glaze

5 x 8 $550


Sara Schneidman Wheels (SSP 583) Hand thrown low fired clay, underglazes and glaze 4 1/2 x 9 1/2 $750


Cecilia Schultz At the Table Acrylic 33 x 25 x .5 $500

“I don’t paint what I see – but what I saw. ” Edvard Munch.


Susan Stover Red Shoes Watercolor 17 1/4 x 22 $250


Gail Trimmer-Unterman Reflections Watercolor 29 x 23 $850


Tina Wade The Heron Acrylic

36 x 24 $1,100

To evolve is to survive. Birds are said to be the only direct descendants of the dinosaur. It's impossible to imagine the amount of change and growth the species has undergone in order to still be thriving today. I don't think there could be a more inspirational example of evolving.


Barb Wallace If Joseph and Jan Made A Dollhouse Box Construction with Mixed Media 20 x 9.5 x 1.625 $500

In this homage to Joseph Cornell and Johannes Vermeer, I painted 3 miniature oils of Vermeer interiors, and created 3 tiny ‘box” constructions using Cornell’s favorite devices. Both men filled their intimate works with references to the art, music, maps and scientific discoveries of their day. I invite you to come in and look around these “rooms”; to make connections between the artists; and to imagine their hidden meanings.


Vickie Watts Eco Print and Rust Eco and Rust Printing on Silk 23 x 19 $425

Eco printing is the process whereby the tannins in botanicals react with natural mordants and modifiers under heat and pressure to create prints on fabric or paper . This piece was first eco printed with pecan leaves. The wetted silk was then wrapped around pieces of rusty metal creating the orange flame like prints. The iron in the rust also enhanced the original pecan prints.


Vickie Watts One Person's Trash . . . . Eco and Rust Printing on Silk 21 x 17 $425 One person's trash may be another person's inspiration. The rust prints on this silk were made by pieces of rusty metal once used on local farms. Each forms a link to the place where they were found and to the person who once used them. These pieces were on the way to the recycle center when they became inspiration for art.


Joan Wiberg Lafayette on Main Oil 15 x 12 x 1.5 $750

An unusually warm Spring morning allowed me to tuck into the shade across from the Lafayette Inn in Stanardsville with my painting gear. The Inn remained in shadow and the sun caught the red metal roof across the street. This one corner contained the essence of this small town that is still bustling in the morning, like it has since the Inn opened.


Joan Wiberg Barboursville Morn Oil 12 x 22 x 1 $850

The Firnew outdoor painters met up at this grand location that I had never been to - the Barboursville Ruins. I didn't anticipate the beauty of this abandoned building, surrounded by a gigantic boxwood hedge and bare winter trees. The morning was cloudy initially, but the sun broke through and cast dramatic shadows across the bricks and cement columns.


Joan Wiberg Wolftown Summer Morning Oil 12 x 22 x 1 $850

Before the sun soared overhead, I was able to catch this view behind the HOOD VA Post Office on a hot summer morning. Tiger lilies made their brief appearance along the gravel road leading down behind the property. I used my artistic license and sprinkled the "road lilies" along the front of the image. The shed door left ajar tells of a worker trying to beat the Virginia summer humidity.


Patricia Williams Illusions I Watercolor 21 x 25 $695

“Trees, how many of ‘em do we need to look at?” Ronald Reagan.


Patricia Williams Illusions II Watercolor 21 x 25 $695

“ Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness. ” Herman Hesse.


Patricia Williams Zig Zag Watercolor 15 x 18 $495

“ In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” Alice Walker.


Claudia Wisdom-Good Musk Rock Oil and Cold Wax on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 48 x 24 x 1.5 $975

“ Other people are window seats. They want to gaze out at the clouds and the world below, musing on the beauty and grace of flying above the earth, something humans were unable to do throughout most of recorded history. ” Greg Leff .


Index of Artists, Artwork & page numbers

Barker, Lee

Colonial Sycamore

4 5

Peach Valley - Springtime

Berry, John

Hazeltop Ridge Overlook – Shenandoah National Park

6 7 8

Three Twenty Three

Four Seventeen

Brodowski, Pat

Tumble Jumble Sunrise at Trish’s Follow the Shade View of Old Rag


10 11 12 13

View from Round Hill in Winter

Campbell, Ramey

Budding Maple Along a Creek Redbuds Along Cox Mill Road

14 15

Carter, Maria Festa

20 x 20 for 20 #1 20 x 20 for 20 #2

16 17

Copeland, Ellen Line Dance

18 19

Shenandoah Spring

Crowe, Trish

Ella’s Balloons

20 21 22

Celebrating 20 Years

A Dozen

Dean, Anne

Color Parade Spring Daisies

23 24


Index of Artists, Artwork & page numbers

Dixon, Bonnie

DNA and Me


Dodd, Kitty

A Youngster on Rousseau’s Trees

26 27

Feel the Heat

Doise, Lea

Evening Shadows

28 29 30

Virginia Fields

Hazy Day

Evans, V-Anne

Day’s End Fort Lewis

31 32

Late Winter

Goodman, Jane

Queen Anne’s Lace Field

33 34 35

When Poppies Bloom in Provence

In My Dreams

Hudson, Patty Kennedy

Morning at Round Hill Inn, Orange, VA View at Round Hill Inn, Orange, VA Barboursville Ruins in Early Spring

36 37 38 39 39



Lacy, Frances Kloker

Shenandoah Overlook


Lupinetti, Vincent By the Creek

41 42

Near the Creek

Miller, Linda Ashley The Rose

43 44

Bath County


Index of Artists, Artwork & page numbers

Perry, Jon

Ascending Swan


Pratt, Terrence

Maturity and Decay

46 47


Ragland, Cheryl The Evolving Circle: Earrings 1, Earrings 2 & Earrings 3 The Evolving Circle: Earrings 4, Earrings 5 & Earrings 6

48 49

Ricketts, Chee Kludt American Beauty

50 51

The Beginning of Summer

Rosenberg, Janice

Weeping Cherry in Flower Weeping Cherry in Winter

52 53

Schneidman, Sara

Circles (SSP 578) Triangles (SSP 579)

54 55 56 57

Diamonds/Triangles (SSP582)

Wheels (SSP 583)

Schultz, Cecilia At the Table


Susan Stover Red Shoes


Trimmer-Unterman, Gail Reflections


Wade, Tina

The Heron


Wallace, Barb

If Joseph and Jan Made a Dollhouse



Index of Artists, Artwork & page numbers

Watts, Vickie

Eco Print and Rust

63 64

One Person’s Trash …

Wiberg, Joan

Lafayette on Main Barboursville Morn

65 66 67

Wolftown Summer Morning

Williams, Patricia Illusions I

68 69 70

Illusions II

Zig Zag

Wisdom-Good, Claudia Musk Rock


Art Purchases

All art is offered for sale. To purchase, please email FirnewFarmArtistsCircle@gmail.com with the name of the artist, title of the artwork and your phone number. You will be contacted to discuss method of payment, delivery or pick up of the art, and additional charges for mailing art via UPS.

To learn more about the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle and its members at https://www.firnewfarmartistscircle.com/


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