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I f you have read through some of my recent newsletters, then you already know family means a lot to me. My sisters, our mom, and I spend as much time as we can laughing and joking with each other all year long. But this time of year, with the holiday season coming up, I have been thinking about the importance of family a little more often. For us, Thanksgiving is all about family. Growing up, we celebrated at my grandparents’ house, and relatives from all over would make the trip to gather for a day filled with delicious food and exciting football. We participated in that tradition for many wonderful years until my grandparents passed away, and that’s when I took over hosting the meal at my house. While we have fewer guests nowadays, I still get to spend the day with my mom, sisters, kids, and grandkids, and I would not have it any other way. “When I’m piled on the couch with my family watching the game after an amazing feast, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon my life.” Over the years, we decided to have only one traditional meal per year. For example, if we have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a turkey, then, at Christmas, we will

have a fun, nontraditional meal. One year, we actually ended up Luby’s for Thanksgiving! While it didn’t give us the normal warm and fuzzy family feelings that come with slaving over a hot stove all day, we still had a good time together.

This Thanksgiving, we will be making a big traditional feast, and I will make potato salad, which is my specialty. After dinner, we will sit down to watch the Cowboys play because my mom raised an entire house full of Dallas fans. To prove it, I have a signed Jason Witten picture I bought at an auction. I also have a football I waited in line for two hours in Wichita Falls to get signed by Troy Aikman. My mom has had her eye on it ever since! While my mom, sisters, and I bleed blue and white, my kids are huge Houston Texans fans, so they give us a lot of grief. In fact, my son calls our team the “Dallas Cowgirls” to poke fun at us. He knows we like the Texans, too, but likes to make fun of the Cowboys to give us a hard time. When I am piled on the couch with my family watching the game after an amazing feast, I cannot help but feel grateful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon my

life. He has a way of making sure I am taken care of. I firmly believe He deliberately guided my practice to help me realize that what I do for clients today is my calling. I am so appreciative of His guiding wisdom, for my wonderful family, and for my great clients who trust me to help them and who, in turn, refer their good friends and family to me. It is a fantastic cycle of great clients and referrals, and I feel thankful for it every day. That being said, I understand some years lend themselves to gratitude more than others, so, if life has thrown you a lot of curveballs this year, then my advice is to not spend the holidays alone. Even if you don’t have plans for a big Thanksgiving meal, try to get together with a couple friends for a nice lunch. If anything else, know you are also welcome at my house with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Kim Hegwood



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