DOMINO Joinery System booklet

Two men. One conversation. The origin of a brilliant idea: DOMINO connecting system.

There are numerous draft designs, CAD drawings, parts lists and documentation for our DOMINO connecting system. Yet the conversation and initial drawings where the idea was formed was on something a lot less imaginative: a napkin. But first things first. To be precise, it was initially only an informal exchange between two Festool employees over lunch. They were dreaming what the optimal domino should be capable of. And because nothing else was readily available, they sketched a domino on a napkin to represent the demand for ‘more stability’. Then a second sketch next to it for a ‘larger glue surface’. And finally a third for absolute ‘rotation resistance’ at the first attempt. Using the simple equation: make one from three, the DOMINO DF 500 domino system was set forth.

What was missing was the fitting mortise – and thus the real challenge began. That is to say, the development of a completely new tool. With the typical southern German inventiveness, infinite passion and the concentrated expertise of our engineers, a mix of traditional vertical bore and simultaneous horizontal routing movement was created – the birth of the DOMINO pendulum router principle as the driving force for the new DOMINO DF 500. From its origins on a simple napkin, this concept continues to evolve. The larger DOMINO XL DF 700 will create a mortise for the newly developed DOMINO Connectors. These new connectors allow for rapid assembly of flat joints or corner joints utilizing Domino fasteners for knock- down design. This allows for rapid building, moving, and reassembling of large pieces.

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