DOMINO Joinery System booklet

2. The domino. The shape makes the difference.

Not flat. Not round. Just domino. The difference is in the detail. More precisely: in the shape. Dominos unify all of the benefits of round dowels and biscuits. And are therefore as stable as mortise and tenon construction. They are available in 14 fixed sizes or as rods (750mm length) – for both inside and outside, and for delicate and solid workpieces.

Round dowels The traditional solution for frames and shelving.

Round dowels are one of the most important connecting elements in furniture making, allowing wood connections to be quickly and reliably aligned. Because round dowels do not allow offsets, exact drilling is generally performed on stationary or semi-stationary machines.

Biscuits The standard for boards for decades.

Biscuits are generally used with a machine that is aligned with a scribe mark. Because the biscuits are shorter then the slot that is cut, the slot does not have to be precise. This requires more alignment during glue up.


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