DOMINO Joinery System booklet


100% rotation resistant From the very first domino, the joints are absolutely rotation resistant.

Highest stability The unique shape of the domino in combination with longitudinal grooves, gives the dominos a secure hold.

For inside and out Dominos are available in two materials: Beech for interior applications and Sipo dominos for outside applications.

Fits perfectly The DOMINO joining machines cut the mortises to an exact fit where needed. The domino’s special groove geometry ensures a perfect precision fit.

Always a stable connection. The DOMINO system provides the correct dominos for every application. With its range of sizes, two wood types for inside and outside applications and additional, individually adaptable rods (750mm), there are practically no limits to this system’s options.

The 8–14 mm diameters are also available as rods (750mm) and in two types of wood for interior and exterior applications. *Flat connectors – here with the optional extension shells around the cross anchor.


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