DOMINO Joinery System booklet

4.2.3 Stable frame joints with the DF 700

Use the DOMINO DF 700 for stable frame joints such as for doors, where larger dominos can be processed for even greater stability. In this example, a panel door is created with a pinned internal rebate and additional tenon. The DOMINO joining machines are unique in that you can set the routed mortises even after rebating, which would not be possible with a classic drill for conventional domino joints, for example, due to the lack of support surface. This ‘pinned joint’ requires small deviations in the routing depth setting, which are explained in the following.

TIP Due to the pinned joint, the 14 x 140 mm domino cannot be processed despite the maximum routing depth of 70 mm for the DF 700. The maximum possible standard domino is the 14 x 100 mm. However, if you wish to make full use of the maximum routing depth and cut the domino itself to the correct maximum size, you can do so by cutting the domino to the appropriate length and creating the perfect domino size yourself.


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