DOMINO Joinery System booklet


Cut the 50 mm deep mortises with the narrow mortise width into both workpieces. The domino fence is placed on the top side of the worktop in this case.


Then set a mortise depth of 30 mm – this dimension depends on the material. What is important to note is that the cross anchor mortise should overlap the longitudinal mortise by 5 mm in depth. If using the cross anchors without extension shells, an overlap of 3 mm suffices. The fence height should be set to 40 mm – this setting is identical for each connector, because it is based on the length of the connector. Cut cross mortises in both workpieces at the points where the flat connectors will be inserted.


Switch the machine to the large mortise width for the cross anchor; this gives the cross anchors enough space when fitted with the extension shells.


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