DOMINO Joinery System booklet




To process the smallest domino (4 x 20 mm), insert the 4 mm cutter into the DOMINO DF 500. This cutter is unique in that it is shortened by 10 mm. Therefore, at the maximum cutting depth of 20 mm, the mortise is only 10 mm deep.

Set the additional base support bracket on the DOMINO DF 500. This uses the additional stop pins to reduce the lateral distance to the center of the DOMINO cutter from 37 mm to 20 mm.



Set the mortise depth to 20 mm, the mortise height to the minimum and the mortise angle to 45°. To achieve the minimum mortise height pull back on the thickness gauge all the way and then drop the fence all the way down.

Flip the additional stop pin on the base support bracket and place the Domino on the workpiece. The mortises will be offset further from the edge of the workpieces, which is beneficial when working with narrow material.


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