DOMINO Joinery System booklet



With larger material and more distance in between mortises, the cross stop can be used to work with the locating pin instead of making the mortise locations.

To fit the cross stop on the machine in question, turn the clamp jaw on the stop pin so that it is set to the DF 500 or DF 700 position (each machine is marked accordingly on the front of the pin).

TIP The cross stop can be used both for the DF 500 and the DF 700 and allows for larger mortise distances beyond the stop pin system. Ensure that the stop is fitted onto the machine in use.



Mount the cross stop onto the Domino base according to the operating instructions. In this example, we are processing 6 x 40 mm dominos. Due to the material thickness of 19 mm, the Domino cannot be inserted into both work pieces the same depth of 20mm.

For this reason, a mortise with a depth of 25 mm is created (on the front side) for this butt joint. The other mortise (on the surface) is 15 mm deep, so that the total domino length of 40 mm is processed. Place the Domino at the front edge of the workpiece with the indexing stop for the first mortise, and cut the appropriate mortise width.


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