DOMINO Joinery System booklet



Place the top side to one side. Position the center shelf at the marked point and lay it over towards the right or left, so that the top or bottom edge of the center shelf is aligned with the corresponding marking. Clamp both workpieces (center shelf and side).

In our example, the center shelf and side part are flush at the front and are clamped accordingly. Adjust the angle of the Domino to 0° and the mortise depth to 15 mm. Then cut the first mortise in the narrow setting.



For the other domino mortises, switch the mortise width to the loose setting and mark out the domino positions with a simple scribe mark on the horizontal center shelf. Then place the Domino on the scribe mark. Use the etched markings placed on the base of the Domino by positioning the center marking on the base at the scribe mark on the shelf.

Switch the mortise depth to 25 mm and cut the mortises in the center of the shelf, again using the stop pin for the first mortise (narrow mortise width).


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