DOMINO Joinery System booklet

6.1 accessories

Extend the range of the Domino ® joining system with attachments that deliver precise repeatability, consistent spacing, secure and accurate centering, and more. Since applications range from small to large, a full assortment of tenon types and sizes are also available, with color-coded cutters to match.

DF 500 Q DF 700 EQ


Cross Stop For repeat hole spacing between 3-7/8" and 8-1/16" (100 mm and 205 mm). The Cross Stop enables precise and repeatable mortise placement across the surface or edge of a workpiece. Increase efficiency by eliminating the need for witness or scribe marks. Adjustable-spaced pins register against the starting edge of the material or in the previous mortise for accurate and consistent spacing of mortises. Trim Stop For narrow material between 7/8" and 2-3/4" (22 mm and 70 mm) in width. The Domino Trim Stop enables precise and repeatable mortise placement in ends of narrow workpieces, such as rails or spindles. Sides adjust independently for centered or off-center mortising. Handrail Fence For centering on round stock between 1-3/8" and 2-3/8" (35 mm and 60 mm) in diameter. The Domino Handrail Fence securely joins round workpieces, such as handrails. Attaches quickly and easily to the Domino Joiner without the need for tools. Support Bracket Easily balance the fence of the Domino Joiner on narrow stock or when used in vertical plunging for increased accuracy in placement of mortises. Integrated flip stops provide reference points at 20mm from the edge.


498 590

498 590


493 487

493 487


494 847

494 847



Metric dimensions binding.

Cross Stop Eliminate witness marks and guesswork.

Trim Stop Achieve precise, repeatable mortises.

Support Bracket Get straight, consistent mortises.

Handrail Fence Precisely join round stock.


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