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behavior or skill. The most interesting part so far (haven’t finished it yet), is that a person will often have a growth mindset in certain areas and a fixed mindset in others. This is certainly true in my life — I understand that running more consistently makes me a better runner (growth mindset), while I (foolishly) accept that I am a bad artist and always will be (fixed mindset). Fortunately, I’ve adapted a growth mindset in opening our new clinic. I readily admit to being a novice in most aspects of business management, marketing, facilities maintenance, etc., etc. I’ve accepted that I am a beginner in these areas and, in admitting to my novice status, am able to grow and learn from those who have more experience. It is this growth mindset that has allowed me to improve and although I’m still very much a beginner, I feel much more competent in many of these areas than I was just a fewmonths ago. The concepts in her book also relate well withmany of the things we see in the clinic. Given two patients with the same diagnosis, we will often see much quicker healing froma patient with a growthmindset compared to someone with a fixedmindset.The patient who says, “I know I can get better with practice”, will improvemore rapidly than thepatientwhosayssomething like“Icould never do that”. We find that if we can change a person’s mindset in relation to an injury or functional task, we will be able to make quicker progress. This concept is an important part of our practice and result in a more effective approach to treating pain and dysfunction for each of our patients. So if you are struggling with the belief that you can get better with a certain “ache or limiting pain”, give us a call- we can see if there is a way we can help improve your mindset and speed your recovery.

to grow as a company. Collectively, Johnston PT has successfully weathered a changing healthcare environment over the past 15 years — in large part due to providing top-tier service to our patients.These newsletters and our free seminars have provided a great opportunity for us to provide high-quality information to patients on a larger scale. 2019 has been a year of growth for Johnston PT. As I’m hoping most of you know, we opened a new clinic, Elevate Physical Therapy in Ankeny. I’ve been lucky to get to partner with Andrew and Cindy in this endeavor and I’m proud to say that things are progressing well at Elevate since we opened in April. The growth of our new clinic has been wonderful and I have grown personally and professionally in the process. I recently started reading a book (actually listening to the audiobook) called Mindset by Carol Dweck that feels very relevant to the growth I’ve felt this year. In Mindset, Dweck describes two polar ways of thinking about individual traits - growth mindset and fixed mindset. As you might guess, a person who has a fixed mindset feels that traits are set and they are unable to change. Contrarily, a person with a growth mindset feels that their traits can change - that a person gets better or worse as they practice a certain


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