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100% NATURAL COFFEE WOOD Vietnam Handicrafts

The story of our companions The journey from Central Highlands coee tree wood To the aspiration of global reach What is Buddy Wood Chew? Mission & vision Core values Why should you choose Buddy Wood Chew’s products? What do products of Buddy Wood Chew bring? From coee wood to unique handcrafted products Products Sustainable development goals Corporate culture

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100% NATURAL COFFEE WOOD Vietnam Handicrafts

When you love a cat, it will see itself as a deity . But when you love a dog, you become its deity .

In a dog's life, every action, gesture, and look from its owner is the only happiness.

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However, sometimes, amidst the chaos of life, we neglect, or treat dogs as servants, or a place to vent our anger. They deserve to receive love, to live in a safe embrace, after all they have given to their owners. Let us cherish that loyalty and exclusive love!

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Throughout the ow of time – from thousands of years ago to the modern world we live in today – dogs have gradually become true companions of humanity, with all their loyalty, friendliness, and intelligence. They bond, accompany, and are always ready to share every moment in life with their owners. However, more and more dogs are being negatively aected by the environment, urbanization, modern lifestyles, and even their own owners. Dogs seem to have evolved entirely to adapt to humans. But the truth is: They are a species from nature! The most basic needs of dogs have never disappeared. The happiest and most satisfying life for dogs is not only human love, sucient food, or a cozy bed but also the feeling of freedom, the pleasure of running and jumping, and the fundamental chewing instincts of their species. Today, there are hundreds of products on the market to satisfy our dog's chewing needs every day, but they often come with a lack of safety, toxicity, and harm to the natural environment. What they truly need is a solution that not only provides their favorite toys every day to keep them happy and active but also brings happiness and tranquility to their human companions after every day returning home to their beloved dogs.


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As a country in the Southeast Asia region, Vietnam takes pride in being endowed by nature with precious natural conditions, ranging from climate, fertile land, diverse vegetation, to a rich and ancient cultural heritage. The Central Highlands, like a hidden emerald amidst the lush green forests of the S-shaped land strip, boasts tiered layers of red basalt plateaus bathed in sunlight and winds. This region has witnessed thousands of years of history with a unique and distinct cultural background, stemming from the hardworking and rustic people of the Central Highlands, intimately intertwined with the vast and prosperous coee forests. The coee trees are deeply ingrained in the people here, like esh and blood, becoming an indispensable part of the journey that has brought the fame of the Central Highlands worldwide as a leading coee producer. Originating from Vietnam, the Buddy Wood Chew team carries the pride of their nation and a love for their home- land, aspiring to bring quality products to the world. These products are imbued with the diligent and indus- trious spirit of the Vietnamese people, derived from precious gifts bestowed by nature, containing within them the culture and thousand-year history of the red land of the Central Highlands.

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Buddy Wood Chew (BWC) is a leading brand in the production and distribution of wooden chew products for dogs in Vietnam, with many years of experience in the pet product industry. BWC What is ?

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Skilled and Experienced Craftsmen These artisans are local people from the Central Highlands, dedicating their lives to each coee tree with perseverance and meticulousness. Stringent Manufacturing Process Buddy Wood Chew places special emphasis on ensuring hygiene and quality standards, from raw materials to nished products, throughout the production and packaging processes. Clear Source of Materials The production is entirely natural, with 100% of the materials sourced from coee trees grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Uninterrupted Supply Capability Buddy Wood Chew is condent as a reliable supply source, with a production and packaging process that meets standards, expedited procedures, and on-time delivery.

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As a Vietnamese business situated in the globally renowned highlands of coee, where vast and prosperous coee plateaus stretch, Buddy Wood Chew tirelessly strives to protect nature by utilizing the available resources of coee wood. Our constant endeavor is to provide all-natural chewing products for dogs, oering them a comfortable and peaceful life experience while bringing joy to their owners.


Simplicity: Buddy Wood Chew products embody natural, rustic, and unpretentious values. They are meticulously handcrafted using pure coee wood sourced from the mountains of the Central Highlands. Reliability: Buddy Wood Chew commits to product quality: 100% natural - NO chemical soaking - NO harmful substances - NO calories or caeine. Signicance: Buddy Wood Chew delivers a natural solution directly to customers and their dogs. The entirely handcrafted wooden products capitalize on the unique strengths of coee trees - their hardness, durability, and avor. BWC products for dogs have become companions to thousands of dogs worldwide, bringing joy and pleasure to them while alleviating the fatigue of owners by satisfying their pet's innate chewing habits.

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With a rich supply of goods and skilled experienced artisans, Buddy Wood Chew aims to become a brand in the production and distribution of wooden chew products for dogs on a global scale. We aspire to cater to every corner of the world where adorable dogs and nature-conscious owners reside, contributing to the protec- tion of the environment and nature.


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100% handcrafted products The entire production process is meticulously done by the skilled hands of local artisans. First, the sturdy wood from coee trees is harvested and transported to the workshop. After the wood is dried to the appropriate moisture levels, each product is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, cut, sanded, and shaped to meet the highest standards. Natural hardwood from 20-year-old coee trees Raw materials used to produce wooden dog chew products comes from old coee trees that are over 20 years old and can no longer be used for coee production. Instead of being discarded or burnt, these trees provide ideal hardwood material for chew toys. The thorough utilization of raw material sources, clearing dead or dried parts of plants, is an action taken to protect the environment, promote the regenera- tion of coee forests, balance the natural ecosystem, contribute to reducing climate change, and mitigate the greenhouse eect.

What makes coee wood dierent? After researching and testing various types of wood, BWC found that coee wood is a type of wood with the ideal hardness and abrasion resistance for the chewing needs of dogs. Chewable wooden products made from coee wood have a mild sweetness and a naturally pleasant aroma that is very appealing to a pet dog's palate. At the same time, the fragments produced during use become softer, with no sharp edges, completely safe for a dog's digestive system.

Product design based on dog-specic research Based on in-depth research, BWC has developed this special coee wood into safe toys for dog's teeth and gums. BWC's products are created by carefully selecting coee tree branches, splitting, drying, and sanding them to achieve the correct shape and size standards for each dog, ensuring durability and enjoyment during use. No chemical soaking, non-toxic, no calories & caeine Starting with pure coee wood as the raw material, BWC's products are crafted without any chemical soaking, ensuring they are non-toxic, calorie-free, and caeine-free. This guarantees the safety of your dog while chewing and enjoying these wooden chews. BWC's wooden chews cater to dog's natural chewing instincts and preferences, making them particularly irresistible to our furry friends.

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE BWC’S PRODUCTS? BWC oers a diverse range of chewable wooden product options for dogs, all handcrafted using 100% coee wood sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.


Relief from Boredom and Stress: Buddy Wood Chew’s products help alleviate dog's boredom and stress by satisfying their innate chewing needs.

Reduced Risk of Household Damage: Regular chewing helps reduce the risk of dogs damaging household items, providing relief to owners' worries when leaving the house. As a Small Reward or Expression of Aection: Buddy Wood Chew’s products also serve as adorable little gifts for rewarding or showing aection to our beloved dogs. Oral Health Benets: The mechanism of wood splinter release and gradual abrasion in BWC's chew products helps clean dog's gums and teeth. Jaw Strengthening: Regular chewing can strengthen dog's jaw muscles, limiting dental issues such as cavities, gum inammation, and tooth loss.

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Meticulous surface sanding


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Harvesting wood from over 20-year-old coee trees

The entire process of creating Buddy Wood Chew’s products is carried out by skilled local artisans in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It can be said that each product is a truly unique piece, crafted from natural coee tree branches and trunks, without chemical soaking or industrial processing.

Every step of this meticulous manual process ensures that each Buddy Wood Chew’s product is a one-of-a-kind creation, crafted with care and preserving the natural attributes of coee wood.



Select branches, segment and peel them according to the appropriate sizes.

Buddy Wood Chew oers a diverse range of chewable wooden product options for dogs, all handcrafted using 100% coee wood sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Starting from coee tree branches, each product is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, going through a process of precise cutting, drying, sanding, and preservation under standard conditions. With its characteristics of being lightweight, tough, and highly durable, with a mild and pleasant aroma, free from chemical soaking, non-toxic, calorie-free, and caeine-free, BWC's wooden chew products are every dog's favorite toys. They help satisfy chewing needs, relieve stress, and make dogs happier and more joyful every day.

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Wooden Chew Stick

The Wooden Chew Stick is a chewing stick specially designed for dogs, made entirely from wood sourced from aged coee tree branches with a specic level of hardness. Each product is divided into various lengths and diameters to suit the jaw size and chewing strength of individual dogs Skilled craftsmen then expose the wood to appropriate conditions, carefully remove the outer bark Wooden Chew Stick is sanded and smoothed until it meets the standards, ensuring the safety of dogs during chewing It not only satises a dog's chewing needs, making them happier and more joyful while supporting dental health but also oers a safe alternative for the environment. The Wooden Chew Stick is like a reliable, sturdy, and durable toy, providing strong chewing capability and satisfaction for any dog.

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Wooden Chew Chump & Rope The Wooden Chew Chump & Rope is made from pure coee tree wood combined with entirely natural coconut ber ropes, handcrafted by experienced artisans. Wooden Chew Chump & Rope comes in various shapes, sizes, and rope-wood arrangements to suit the diverse preferences of dogs. There are three options with Wooden Chew Chump & Rope for you to consider based on your pet's preferences: Single, Dual, or Triple. The combination of coee wood and coconut ber rope provides a unique texture and perfect durability for dogs One of the special benets of having the rope component in the product is that it creates an opportunity for you to play tug-of-war with your dog, oering an enjoyable bonding and exercise experience for your furry companion The rope handle also makes it easy for the owner to throw and retrieve, making it an excellent toy for fetch games

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What makes Wooden Chew Elbow special lies in the careful selection of the material from the coee tree trunk. Unlike our typical chew toys made from large or small branches of coee trees, Wooden Chew Elbow is crafted from the very point where the branches split o the tree, where the wood is: Harder Denser And features natural grooves and knots This results in a product with signicantly higher hardness and durability, turning it into a fascinating and challenging chewing toy. This special product is particularly suitable for dogs with strong chewing abilities.

Wooden Chew Elbow

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Wooden Chew Bone Wooden Chew Bone is a premium and exclusive product line from the Buddy Wood Chew brand.

Driven by passion and a deep understanding of dogs, BWC chose to model this product after the shape of a bone with the desire: Especially, this product is meticulously cut, sanded, and intricately carved by the highly skilled hands of craftsmen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to resemble the shape of a bone The bone looks like a soulful work of art Engraved with your dog's beloved name and tied with a charming bow, the Wooden Chew Bone becomes a special, personalized and enticing reward for your dog, or a lovely and tting gift for the beloved dogs of your family and friends! To create a familiar and comforting sensation for your furry companion from their very rst interaction To helps them become more eye-catched and engaged during playtime To preserve the inherent qualities and strength of the coee wood product: 100% natural, safe and durable Natural aged coee tree branches are still its base materials

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As an environmentally-conscious business, Buddy Wood Chew is acutely aware of its global responsibility towards sustainable development. We commit to using 100% sustainable solutions, minimizing adverse impacts on the ecological climate throughout our operations. This commitment is evident in our decision to utilize the precious resource of mature coee wood. Previously, thousands of coee trees over 20 years old were discarded or burned after each harvest cycle. We believe that harnessing this valuable wood resource is a way to save resources and prevent waste. This optimizes the utility of coee trees while curbing spontaneous forest res and reducing potential risks and smoke emissions, contributing to greenhouse gas reduction and preserving the natural environment. The production system of BWC is fully engaged with 100% indigenous people from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The entire production process is carried out manually. Therefore, BWC takes pride in providing stable employment and increasing income for hundreds of highland residents in the Central Highlands (including the Gia Rai and Ede ethnic groups), thus enhancing their quality of life in a sustainable manner. As a result, deforestation and forest burning activities by local residents have been signicantly reduced, contributing to the preservation of natural forests and ecosystems in the area.


Moreover, the benets stemming from BWC’s products also contribute to our development objectives. In the current market, there's a proliferation of pet toys, especially for dogs, made from non-recyclable materials like plastic. This not only poses a risk to pets by causing potential ingestion of foreign objects but also generates an immense amount of non-biodegradable waste. Dog chew products made from wood are environmentally friendly, safe, and leave no waste behind. They're considered an optimal solution for protecting dogs and maintaining the ecosystem. We believe that sustainable development, achieved by contributing to the environment and society, stems from even the smallest actions, implemented through strict standards and practices, rooted in the values and vision of the business.

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With the aim of sustainable development, Buddy Wood Chew has built a corporate culture based on three core values: PEOPLE - HEART - TRUST . This is evident in our code of conduct and the way our entire team at BWC operates, all stemming from a shared mindset and standard. PEOPLE: Human values are always placed at the forefront of every activity at BWC. We believe that a sustainable business is forged by compassionate individuals. Demonstrating humaneness in our interactions and working with integrity is how we show appreciation for hardworking artisans, trustworthy colleagues, and esteemed partners. HEART: Every member of BWC works and dedicates themselves wholeheartedly. From the skilled hands pouring their craftsmanship into each product, to the goal of "customer-centricity" when dealing with partners, and the deep love for dogs that goes into creating the most suitable and high-quality products. We believe that only actions rooted in the heart can touch the hearts of others. TRUST: The trust of customers, partners, and society contributes signicantly to the sustainable development of a business. BWC consistently strives to ensure credibility and responsibility towards its customers, partners, and employees. Furthermore, BWC recognizes and values the responsibility of the business in environmental protection, natural ecosystem preservation, and resource conservation. This is evident in our choice of materials, products and production processes.


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Simple Happiness Together A peaceful and fresh morning,

enjoying a rich and aromatic cup of coee. Watching your loved ones play and laugh in the morning sun. Next to your beloved and well-behaved dog, also enjoying its favorite chew toy with great pleasure. Simple happiness together is perhaps like this!


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A Brand from Vietnam, where Coffee Trees Create Miracles...

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