COVID-19 CLOSED for Managers


Updated: Saturday, March 14

Read on for helpful information for addressing employees with questions and concerns related to the temporary closure of The Country Club of Virginia due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) WHY IS THE COUNTRY CLUB OF VIRGINIA CLOSING UNTIL MARCH 30? • We are in unprecedented times and we must take action to protect the members, employees, and the community. While we currently have not had any cases of coronavirus amongst our members or employees, we are following the guidance of health officials. • The Board of Directors has decided to close to support the efforts to control the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as recommended by the CDC and other health officials. We are attempting to do our part in minimizing the spread of the virus. • CCV will officially close at the end of business on Sunday, March 15 for a two-week period. The reopening date is subject to change depending on recommendations of health officials. WHAT SHOULD I TELL MY EMPLOYEES? • Let your employees know that they have been instructed not to return to work until further notice, unless they are deemed in a mission critical position. • Your Executive Management Team (EMT) member will inform you which positions are mission critical. Let them know that we regret this decision, but feel we have no choice. We must do what we can to protect our staff, members, and the community as a whole. • Employees will be permitted to use Paid Time Off (PTO) to ensure an income stream during this time. CCV has relaxed the rules surrounding the use of PTO specifically during this limited period of time. HOW WILL THE USE OF PTO WORK FOR EMPLOYEES WHO ARE NOT WORKING DURING THE CLOSURE? • CCV has made some adjustments to the PTO policy to provide employees pay during this period of closure. • Employees may immediately begin using sick, vacation, and personal time to provide an income for the period they will not be working at CCV, regardless of whether they have met the eligibility requirements. Employees may use this leave in a manner that best meets their unique situation. For example, if an employee has accumulated sick time, they may use that first, then vacation and personal. • Part time employees only accrue vacation time. Thus, they will only use vacation time during this period. • If an employee does not have any PTO, or they have limited PTO, they may use accrued hours until exhausted. Then, they may use vacation hours and “overdraft” their balances. Once they return to work, they will continue to earn to pay back the balance. • Employees may use PTO only in the amount equal to their average weekly hours worked based on calendar year-to-date hours. For example, if an employee normally works 25 hours per week, they may use 25 PTO hours per week during the closure. WHAT WILL HAPPEN REGARDING THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE REQUIRED TO WORK? • Employees who have been instructed to work during the closure will report to work at the direction of their supervisor. Employee-only access will occur at the following locations: Westhampton Clubhouse Loading dock Fitness/Racquet Sports Back Cool Springs Cafe kitchen entrance (near the dumpster) James River Clubhouse/Golf Loading dock • These will be the only access points. All other doors will be locked. • Boxed lunches will be provided to staff working on property (both clubhouses and FRS facility) during the closure. They will be available for pick up in the employee break rooms. • Staff parking allowed in the main lots WHAT DO I DO IF MY EMPLOYEE IS UPSET? • Let your employees know you are sorry this is happening. Assure them that while we do not know how long this closure will occur, we are committed to getting back to business as soon as it is safely possible. If they have additional questions, request that they call Tom Prest (extension 327) or Kelli Thompson (extension 328) in the Human Resource Department. • You can also refer them to our Employee Assistance Program, called Reach-EAP www.reach-eap. com or call 1-800-950-3434. WHAT SHOULD BE SAID ON OUR VOICEMAIL? • Hello, you’ve reached the voicemail box of [NAME]. Due to the coronavirus, operations are essentially closed. I will be checking voicemails in this mailbox once per day. If you need immediate assistance, please call (804) 288-xxxx.

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