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As the marketing director, I spend a lot of time telling Dr. Gooch’s story. But I don’t usually get to tell mine. This month, Dr. Gooch thought it would nice for me to talk about how I got here, what the holidays mean to me, and how, when I found this office, it felt like I’d discovered a mythical place I didn’t know existed! I moved here from southeast Texas in 2010. I worked at several offices over the course of a few years — a pain clinic, medical insurance office, and others. I knew how an office ran. Two years ago, I found myself wanting something more. I wanted to go to work at a place that didn’t feel like just

I started as a financial coordinator. A few months later, our marketing director left to spend more time with her family, so they asked if I was interested in taking the position. They couldn’t even finish the question before I said yes. Marketing director encompasses a lot of things. I work as a personal assistant to Dr. Gooch, helping with hiring, onboarding, operations — anything people- related. In a general sense, if I can make Dr. Gooch’s life easier, that’s how I’ll spend my time. Let him do the dentistry work he loves, and I’ll take care of the rest. It feels amazing to come to work every day for a business that shares my values. Everything we do here is to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible. It’s an environment of healing. I tell my co-workers that I’m never leaving; I’ll chain myself to the front desk before I let them take me away. In my outside-of-work life, I married my wonderful husband three years ago. Trip owns his own videography business and loves what he does. We are the parents of three very crazy animals: two cats, Sampson and Babycat, and a mini dachshund named Gracie who runs the house. My family has Christmas down to a science. My Mimi grew up in Mississippi and knows how to cook, which means we have planned menus and huge feasts. On Christmas Eve, she sings in her church choir and we all go — aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, grandparents, everyone. In the evening, the centerpiece of our Christmas Eve snack table is an array of dips. Everyone crowds around, eats, and chats. It’s amazing because we’re all so busy during the year. Life pulls us in different directions. My husband travels, my nieces and nephews play sports, and we have one cousin in the military. We’re all in different seasons of life. But, for special holidays, everyone finds their way back home. I hope the same thing happens for you this Christmas season. Everyone says this, but I really mean it: the holidays are my favorite time of year. Both our families live in the area so everyone shows up for the parties.

a job — somewhere life-giving, positive, encouraging, and involved in the community. That’s how I try to live my own life, and I wanted a workplace that reflected that.

It was like I was hunting a unicorn. I didn’t know for sure it existed, but I knew how amazing it would be to find one!

I joined up with a staffing company called Fireseeds that uses in-depth interviews to determine where you’d be the best match. They hooked me up with Dr. Gooch. When I sat down with him for my first interview, we spoke for two hours! We just kept talking about the practice, daily work, and what he was looking for. After the interview, I called my husband and said, “I don’t care if I have to scrub toilets, I want to work there!” Later, I had a second interview, this time with Allison. I just wanted to be her best friend!

I’ll spare you the suspense: they hired me. And it turns out this office was the unicorn I was looking for.

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!



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