Bows & clips part 2

Bows & clips part 2

Code: CL664 (large). Available in the: ABCD chart

CODE: CL601 (extra large). Available in: ABCD chart

Code: CL665 (large). Available in: light pink, fuchsia

Code: CL667 (large). Available in: light pink, fuchsia

Code: CL666 (large). Available: mint. fuchsia, yellow, light pink

CODE:CL602 (extra large)

Code: CL668 (large)

CODE:CL603 (medium)

Code: CL669 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL607 (medium). Available in: Navy, light pink, pink, fuchsia, ivory, black, red, mint

Code: CL670 (medium) Available in: navy, black, grey, tan, pink, light pink, grey

CODE: CL600 (medium)

CODE:CL608 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL604 (small clip). Available in: off white, white, ivory, pink, blue, red

CODE:CL605 (mini clip)

CODE:CL606 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL610 (extra large)

CODE:CL276 (Extra large) Available in : ABCD chart

CODE:CL612 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL411 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL609 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL611 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL661 (large)

CODE:CL612 (large) Ivory + pink

CODE:CL402 (large) all ivory

CODE:CL287 (medium) fuchsia,baby pink, baby blue, gold, black, red, dusky pink,ivory, white,silver

CODE:CL288 (small) Available in: Baby blue, ivory, baby pink, fuchsia, beige, mocha, brown, black,mint,white, black, navy

CODE:CL614 (medium). Available in: purple, pink, peach, mint

CODE:CL280 (medium)

CODE:CL279 (small)

CODE:CL615 (medium). Available in: blue, dark pink, purple

CODE:CL267 (medium). Available in: ivory, peach, pink

CODE:CL616 (medium). Available in: red, fuchsia and purple

CODE:CL617 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL652 (small) Available in: pink, purple, white, ivory, mint, black, navy, red, peach, fuchsia, baby blue

CODE:CL653 (small) Available in: light pink, green, purple, ivory, baby blue

CODE:CL654 (medium) Available in: silver, navy, red, gold, pink, fuchsia

CODE:CL655 (large) Available in: red, baby blue, black, ivory, white, pink, fuchsia

CODE:CL305 (small). Available in: Glitter colour sheet

CODE:CL641 (medium) Available in: light pink, white, dusky pink, red, mint, black, navy, red, blue

CODE:CL330 (small). Available in: pink, gold

CODE:CL658 (medium) Available in: gold, light pink, fuchsia, navy, silver and red

CODE:CL406 (small). Available in: White, ivory or pink

CODE:CL659 (small). Available in: white, pink

CODE:CL660 (medium). Available in: pink, hot pink

CODE:CL204 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL662 (extra large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL1007 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL663 (small) Available in: light pink, beige, navy, ivory, red, baby blue, mint, black

CODE:CL619 (medium) Available in: Ivory, navy,red,baby pink, baby blue, black, fuchsia, mint, royal blue, white

CODE:CL616 (medium). Available in: Red, fuchsia and purple

CODE:CL617 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL308 (large)

CODE:CL636 (large)

CODE:CL120 (large) Available in: ivory, peach, navy, white, black, red, gold

CODE:CL618 (medium)

CODE:CL401 (medium) Available in: blush pink, white, mixed pink, yellow, green, blue

CODE:CL622 (small). Available in: pink, gold

CODE:CL620 (medium)

CODE:CL621 (medium). Available in: White, ivory, pink and peach

CODE:CL623 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL624 (small)

CODE:CL452 (medium) Available in: Pink, white, navy, red, fuchsia, black

CODE:CL625 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL626 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL282 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL627 (medium). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL500 (large) Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL628 (medium) Available in: Beige, pink, baby blue, red, navy, white, fuchsia

CODE:CL631 (small). Available in: purple, gold, silver

CODE:CL629 (extra large)

CODE:CL630 (extra large)

CODE:CL632 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL633 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL275 (small). Available in: pink, ivory

CODE:CL634 (small) Available in: Baby pink, navy, baby blue, ivory, fuchsia, peach

CODE:CL635 (small) Available in :navy, baby blue, ivory, fuchsia, peach

CODE:CL645 (medium). Available in: white, ivory, pink

CODE:CL263 (large). Available in: Pink, white, red,navy, black, ivory,royal blue, fuchsia, grey, gold

CODE:CL637 (extra large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL638 (medium)

CODE:CL639 (large). Available in; gold. baby pink

CODE:CL640 (large). Available in: ABCD chart

CODE:CL641 (medium) Available in: white, ivory, mint, baby pink, navy, black, red, fuchsia

CODE:CL233 (small) Available in: white, baby pink, baby blue, mint, green, navy, fuchsia

CODE:CL644 (medium) Available in: white & red dots, red & white dots, white & black dots, black & white dots, navy & white dots

CODE: CL291 (large). Available in: Glitter chart

CODE:CL646 (medium). Available in: pink, white, ivory

CODE:CL647 (medium) Available in: silver, red, navy, fuchsia,gold, light pink

CODE:CL648 (medium). Available in: pink, ivory

CODE:CL289 (medium) Available in: light pink, ivory, red, pink, white, black, green

CODE:CL650 (small) Available in: White, pink, navy, baby blue, ivory, fuchsia, peach

CODE:CL302 (small). Available in: Glitter chart

CODE:CL651 (small). Available in: white, red, gold, silver, pink

Code: CL078 (large) . Available in: ABCD chart

Code: CL1001. Large fine glitter bow with square. Available in fine glitter chart.

Code: CH010 Clip holder- with long ribbon to attach bows and clips on Available in : light pink ,fuchsia, ivory, white, hot pink, light blue, and grey

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