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Optimal Caring Dentistry Update

Why is there new branding and signage at our practice?

Hi everyone

Greetings from myself, our team and welcome to our eNewsletter

We are writing to you to provide a brief update on some great changes to our practice.

Dentist Melbourne

Since 1998 we have been known as Optimal Caring Dentistry to reflect what we do here. With the advent of smart devices and the convergence of technology, the world is now connected 24/7. This has truly revolutionised our daily lives, how we access to services, search and consume information. For many of our new and referred clients, we found that our name was often incorrectly used when placed in search engines which made locating us difficult. In an effort to simplify, create better client convenience and allay any further confusion, we have rebranded ourselves as Dentist Melbourne with an online presence at www.dentistmelbourne.com.au. As part of the streamlining process, our existing domain name (www.optimalcringdentistry.com.au) will redirect to the same website. What is more, you will notice that our street signage have also been updated to reflect this change. Rest assured, apart from digitally forging ahead, we are the same team committed in looking after you and your family’s dental needs.

Same Practice, Same Team, Same Expertise with a different brand to serve our clients better.

DENTIST MELBOURNE ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Phone 61 3 9804 7710

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